Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday Shopping

I had a great morning spending time and shopping with my mom yesterday which was followed by going somewhere famous (I'll write about this later) and shopping with Matt in the afternoon/evening.  
My 2 favorite people!
What could get better then that?
In between all the fun of shopping we all hungout in the driveway while G and one of their neighbors changed the back brakes on my car. The passenger back break on my car was all the way to the metal - not good at all.  

Wanna see what I bought?
I can assure you I did not spend a lot of money.... I hate paying retail!
Or as Matt kindly puts it - he knows how I get such good deals.... he claims I make him buy me half the stuff "I" buy.
Ha ha ha!
I suppose there is some truth to that statement.

But back to my shopping trips...
I'll start off telling you about my day with my mom.
We had good intentions of going to garage sales since I always read on blogs how people get such good deals.
Because, I could be that person who gets those good deals.
I could learn to sand and paint furniture.
I could learn to turn a boring lampshade into something magnificent.
I could do all those things.
However, after driving around one neighborhood - 2 sales - we had seen enough.
We decided to ditch this idea and go pick up the dress I had ordered for my best friend's wedding (more on that another day).
The dress store is near Goodwill so I asked my mom if she minded going there to look for some books - she didn't mind.
Guess what we had forgotten all about? It was the first Saturday of the month. Meaning - half off everything in the store!
Whoo hoo!
Here's what I got:
(Not the toaster or bread box.)
I am listing the half off price I paid...
7 Christmas plates $2.50
Heart Flower pot $0.50
Vase $0.50
Book $1.00
2 Heart Decoration things $0.75 each
Spoon rest $0.50

Mom and I have big plans for the first three items I listed which I am sure I will blog about sooner or later. The book was the only one I found that I was interested in reading. The 2 heart decorations were too cute to pass by - plus, they support breast cancer. Good job to whoever originally bought them! And the spoon rest is something I have been wanting for awhile. My kitchen is done with darker blue accents, but this will work for the price I paid.

I bought these 2 items at the Dollar store and mom and I are gonna try something out that she saw on other people's blogs.

When Matt and I shopped, we went to Hobby Lobby for these 2 bad boys.
Of course I used two 40% off coupons.
I have had my eyes on both these items for a few weeks - kept forgetting to print the coupons from the Internet and last week the coupon was only 25% off. So today was my day to score these deals!
$2.63 for the straws after the coupon and $4 something for the paper cutter after the coupon.
This is why Matt said - for the second time - I save so much money since he buys half my stuff.

Stay tuned for the famous place we went!

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