Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Loveless Cafe

Loveless Cafe is the famous place Matt and I finally visited yesterday.
He had seen it on Food Network and G has ate there before and recommended going there over the years.
Matt and I always talked about going and I really don't know why we never made it.
That all changed yesterday!
It was such a beautiful day that we decided we might as well.
It really wasn't too far from my mom's house... about an hour or so.
We got there around 5 and were told it would be an hour and ten minute wait.
We wanted to check out all the little shops around the Cafe which were orignally the motel rooms.
This is the "motel rooms" on the right side of the Cafe. The rooms have been changed over the years into little shops. We only went into one of them - the art gallery store. OMG - the cheapest painting we saw was for $400 and it was so small! Who in there right mind would buy those items! No wonder the gallery was closing! Even if I could afford to buy something there, I am SURE I would be too frugal to do that. I'm not saying they were not done nicely - they were very beautiful - I just could never spend that much.

So we continued our walk around the area skipping the rest of the small stores.
The back "motel rooms" showcased Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas - I used to love that movie. Remember it?
Let's get a closer look of them...

The back of the Cafe had these neat signs...
The last side of the Cafe had there signature store. We bought some licorice for $3.95 - kinda expensive, but we both enjoy eating these. We decided on the multi pack so we could try all the flavors.
Truth - we bought the multi pack so us heifers wouldn't buy the Green Apple pack AND the Grape pack!
They were yummy!
Funny how are favorite flavors are our favorite colors!
I always tell Matt I like EVERYTHING purple!

Here's the front and back of the smokehouse...
I wish we had been there when food was being smoked.


that smell!!!!


Check out this cute sign...

When we FINALLY got paged to eat, we were so hungry!
The place is definitely bigger then the outside makes it look.

The biscuits are actually as good as they claim them to be!
(I didn't like any of there jams though.)

I ordered the Loveless BLT knowing Matt would share some of his food with me.
The gravy for my mashed potatoes was delicious!

Matt ordered the pick 3 combo.
He choose the fried chicken and ham.
I choose the pulled pork.
We both ate some of everything.
His side dishes were fried green tomatoes (not pictured) and macaroni - I wasn't impressed with either.
The meat was all very tasty!
I enjoyed the ham the best. I thought it would be salty - it wasn't.

We don't usually order dessert, but we decided to share some banana pudding. Tasted like mine - still good though.

No trip is complete without a picture:

Check out there website if you are ever planning on being in the area.
It was worth the trip.

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  1. My parents went here a long time ago and we had it on cine film. We found the footage and had a transfer of cine film to dvd - amazing to see footage of this area in the 50s.