Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Deals

What does going to 2 Walgreens, CVS, and Wal-Mart get you?

Aren't you going to ask me what it got me?

Thank you for asking!

It gets you all this (plus more not worth showing since I didn't get awesome deals on the not shown items)...
Trident Gum $1 each
- $1 off 2 Walgreens coupon
- $1 off 3 manufacture coupon
= 6 packs for $1

Thank goodness - I was almost out of gum!
I bought 18 packs so I am good for awhile now.
Glade Reed Diffuser $2.59 each on clearance (was $8.99)
- $2.00 off manufacture coupon
= $0.59 each

DayQuil/NyQuil $5.00 each (Regular kind)
- $1.50 off manufacture coupon
= $3.50 each
Get back $5.00 RR with purchase of 2
= $1.00 each

DayQuil/NyQuil Cherry Vanilla $5.99 each
- $2.00 off Walgreens coupon
- $1.50 off manufacture coupon
= $2.49 each
Get back $5.00 RR with purchase of 2
= $0.02 Profit

I should have waited to buy the first DayQuil/NyQuil from the first store I went to since I was looking for the Cherry Vanilla. I still plan on checking a few more store - I have 2 more DayQuil coupons to use. These don't expire until 2012 so I have plenty of tiem to use them.

Nivea Men's body Wash $4.99
- $1.00 manufacturer coupon
= $3.99
Used $3.99 in CVS Bucks
Got back $4.99 in CVS Bucks
= $1.00 profit

Post-It Notes $1.00 each
- $1.00 manufacturer coupon

I was hoping to use the Post-It Notes as money makers - they are on clearance for $0.75 at my mom's local Wal-Mart, but I am happy to get these free. I might go get me some more. 
If I really do open my own business one day, I am all set with these. :) 

I did good, huh?

If you are looking for sugar-candy (or any candy really), check out Walgreens - my store had all sorts on clearance. Hopefully your does too if you are wanting some.


  1. You did GREAT! Those reed diffusers work incredibly well as Christmas gifts. Did your store have a bunch on clearance? I might have to check that out for myself =]