Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Couponing = LOVE/HATE Relationship

I love using coupons and and getting good deals.
However, I also hate using coupons.
I guess you could say me and coupons have a love/hate relationship.
You shouldn't get dirty looks from the cashier or other customers when you use coupons. Luckily, this doesn't happen to me very often. I have read on several blogs how some people have had horrible experiences. :(

I did have a negative experience at Toys R Us today... I went to use 3 coupons for $4.00 off certain board games.
I figured this would be easy. My only concern was would they allow me to use a coupon on the third game since they were buy 2 get one free.
I picked out the 3 games I wanted and brought them to the register. (I planned on donating these for Christmas - along with my four Connect 4 games I got free after coupons earlier in the year.)
She scanned all 3 items and then I handed her my coupons. While I was getting my wallet out of my purse she was actually reading the coupons and said I could only use 1 per purchase.
So I told the lady never mind, I don't want them. She seemed annoyed but said okay.
Once in the car, I did confirm the coupons do say one per purchase and not one per item.
Why do they make coupons like this?
And second, they hardly ever read the coupons... why did this lady do it?
I'm so upset!
I don't blame her, but I feel I never want to go to Toys R Us again!
Am I being too dramatic?
I might try this deal one more time on Saturday.
I need to think about it.

CVS has a good deodorant deal going on right now.
Right Guard Total 5 deodorant is on sale for $2.99 each and you get back $2.00 on each one (limit 3).
I had coupons for $3.00 off 2 and $1.50 off on 1.
Making them $1.50 each and then I got back $2.00 on each one.
$0.50 profit on each deodorant! Total profit of $3.00.
I bought 3 on my card and 3 on Matt's.
If you live near a CVS store and have these coupons, now is a GREAT time to stock up!
If I had more coupons I would get even more.

I did some good shopping over the weekend too.
Target had all these good deals:
Brown sticker $1 items were 75% were many more items...
2 Yoga DVDs were $0.25 each
4 file folders were $0.25 each
2-pack of 8x10 picture frames = $1.49 each (I plan on painting these)
3-pack of pictures frames $0.62
Hot Pepper Planter $2.48
Strawberry Planter $3.24
I also bought a charcoal grill which was $29.99 and I got it for $7.00
Target has some good clearance deals on all summer stuff, sheets and many more items so check that out as well. Target is my favorite store when they have good clearance deals.

We did some shopping at Harris Teeter for the double coupon deal up to $1.98.
Bought a bunch of items for good deals. Did not take any pictures - sorry.
Got mad at the first Harris Teeter who refused to double my coupons that said "Do not double" even though they scanned as double off.

Oh, the adventures of couponing....

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