Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheap Ziploc Tupperwares

You are going to be shocked with where I went shopping this weekend for some cheap Tupperware.

I went to Meijer.
Sometimes a deal is too good to pass up.
I couldn't help myself!

I saw online how you could buy Ziploc Tupperware for $2.58 each
- $1.50 off 2 manufacture coupons
- $1.50 off 2 Meijer coupons
= $2.16
Then got back $1.50 for each 2 I bought to spend on my next purchase
= $0.66 for 2 or $0.33 each

Well worth shopping there.
Don't you think?
I needed some news ones since I have been throwing some of my older ones out.
I plan on going through my coupons to see if I can do this a deal a few more times.
The Meijer coupons expire on September 16 or 17.

Also, I need to check out the Ziploc baggies. Rumor has it the same deal is working. I will have to test this out. I think it will be even cheaper.
I hope so!

Starting this Wednesday, Harris Teeter is having there SUPER DOUBLE COUPON event where they double up to 20 coupons per purchase up to $1.99 each.
Whoo hoo!
Start going through your coupons.... I know I will.
(I bought 5 newspapers today, but of course 2 of them shorted me.)

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