Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend of Wii

Friday after work my brother drove down to stay the weekend with me before school started for him. He hadn't been here since I first moved to Kentucky back in November so it was nice for him to see where I live and all that sort of stuff.

Curious as to what we did?

Friday night we did what Matt and I always tend to do.... we rented a movie from Redbox and ordered a Large 3-topping pizza from Papa Johns. Nice and relaxing for me after a full week of work. I love this routine!

Saturday we went to the Louisville Zoo.
Very fun!
I got us lost on the way there - not really my fault though. I agree, I should have brought my GPS - but I know my way there! The only reason I got a little lost was because of road construction which re-routed us. The spot where the construction came out, I should have went straight, but I went left which got us off our path to the point that I had to call my mom to look online to help me find my way back.
When we first walked into the zoo I asked my brother which way he wanted to start (left or right). He didn't care so I chose left since last time I was there with Matt we went right.
Boy am I glad we went left!
We got to the elephants just in time to see them exercise with there trainers, we got to see feeding time for the gorillas, and we got to see feeding time for the tiger.
The elephants were so cute. (They are both female.) At first the trainers walked them around in a row with the back one holding the front one's tail with her trunk.

Then we watched one of them move a log with ease.
Such strong animals!
They stood on rocks too!
Check out this cool video I took of them.
It amazes me they were able to train them to do this.

This gorilla was outside the eating area.
He must like having his picture taken.
I wasn't really able to get good pictures of them eating inside. I can assure you it was amusing to watch the first gorilla grab as much lettuce as he could and carry it onto a high ledge looking out a window. Another gorilla went around grabbing as many carrots as he could hold - which he promptly took to another room in the confines of there home. He dropped one on the way.

Here's the tiger.
She kept pacing back and forth before feeding time. We thought this meant she must have known it was almost time to eat and she was anticipating her keeper's arrival.
We were wrong.
She ate one piece of meet then left to pace again.
This picture reminds me of Wyatt grooming himself.

We saw some other animals too like...




Sea Lions

Giant turtles

Even a mama duck with her ducklings.
He he he!

After the zoo we got some Taco Bell and went to the house to eat and let my baby out to use the restroom.
Our next stop was to see the Slugger Museum.
I think my brother enjoyed it.
I only took a few pictures since I was just there not too long ago.
This is a view of the ceiling...

When we went home I made dinner and we played Wii.
Mostly Mario Party 8.
Good times!
Reminded me of times when we were younger and would play N64 together.
Of course back then, the games weren't nearly as sophisticated as they are now.
Lot more details!
We spent all morning today playing too.
We did manage to go to the few stores I wanted to go to, but even after that we came home and played mroe Mario.
Maybe I will actually start using my Wii more.

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