Saturday, August 14, 2010

Team Edward

Sorry I haven't been blogging over the past few weeks.
For whatever reason, I have not been in the mood.
Plus, I feel like nothing worth talking about is really happening. It has been WAY TOO HOT to even leave the house once I get home from work!
So far, this week we had one day at 103 degrees and another at 100 degrees. Now add in the humidity!
I don't even like taking Wyatt out to go potty. Lucky for me, usually by the time I get home from work he really has to go and wastes no time doing his business. I do make sure to walk him some in the morning when it is not yet horribly hot.

Matt is here this weekend (sleeping right now) so I am sure I will have something worthwhile to post. We are going to do some shopping this morning (I did a little on Thursday, but now we will do what I have been wanting to do all week.)
If you go to and go to there printable coupons you can print coupons for $3 off jeans and $10 off a bathroom product. I bought a pair of jeans on clearance for $14.99 making them $11.99 - nice pair of jeans too. You should check out your local Target to see if you can get a pair. 

At work, sometimes I have to go to the bank to make deposits.
Every time I go the bank I always see this certain car in the parking lot so I know it has to be someone who works there. I kept telling myself I needed to bring my camera and get a picture of it. Since I never know when I will be going there, I have not had mine with me.
Finally it worked out and I got my picture a few days ago.
I parked near it so I could easily take my picture without drawing attention to myself.
He he he!
I love the stickers!
I'm so curious as to who's vehicle it is...I have a guess... I wont ever ask though.
Would you?

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