Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Loving Meijer

Usually I do all my grocery shopping at Kroger... mostly because it is convenient and it is where we have always shopped. When I first moved here I had gone to Meijer a few times - you know, to check it out. They have good prices and it is kinda setup like a Wal-Mart - which I liked at the time.
Slowly I stopped going there because it was too much store for me. I don't really need to look at other things while shopping for food. I had filled my prescriptions there and needed to turn in a refill for it and have it filled.

Yesterday, right after work I stopped there to have it filled. I went inside and got in line.
First I had to wait about 5 minutes before I could even give it to the lady since she was on the phone with the state because a doctor who prescribed something was not in the system.
Finally she took my prescription and said it would be about a 45 minute wait. Okay I thought to myself... I'll just shop for groceries here instead of Kroger since I am already here. About 25 minutes into my shopping - while in line at the deli counter, she calls and tells me to spell my name - she can't find me in the system. I spell my name for her and she asks if she can put me on hold. I agree. When she comes back on the line she says it can be filled today, but it will be another 45 minutes.


ANOTHER 45 minutes?!?!?!

So I complained a bit and she then said it would be ready by 9PM at the latest.
I complained even more.
That's ridiculous!
To me, this meant she hoped to have it filled in 45 minutes, but I could take up to 9 PM!
It was only 5PM at the time.
She tells me I should complain to management since there is only 2 people working and this is the only way it will ever change. I agree, it is not her fault - they should have more people working though.

While I'm still in line for the Deli, a manager walks by me and looks at me, but doesn't offer any help... I'm sure he's useless! No point in complaining.
He has seen I have been waiting at least 5 minutes for help at the deli counter.

When I first got to the counter there were 2 people in front of me. I had time to get a cart, pick out some fruit and veggies, and get back in line before the lady was done with the first customer. When she got to the second customer she went all the way to the other side of the long counter to get her chicken. She then takes someone else at the other end of the counter who just got there!

Twice in 30 minutes Meijer pissed me off!

I picked up my medicine in the drive-thru line today.... still took a long time.
I am now boycotting!


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