Thursday, August 26, 2010

It Actually Worked!

I had seen on several blogs how this week at Walgreens you can buy $20 worth of participating items and get back $5 RR. They had posted you could buy 7 Lean or Hot Pockets for $2.99 each for this deal to work. To make it even sweeter, there is an in-store coupon in the ad from Sunday's paper which makes them $1.50 each - can also be found at the door when you walk into the store. The coupon states limit 4.
However, I have found it all depends on the cashier you have as to whether or not they allow you to get more. When they scan the coupon once - it will lower all those items on your purchase to the price on the coupon. They do not have to scan the coupon as many times as items you are buying.

I decided to try this deal even though I was not familiar with the cashier. Normally I prefer to do my experimental purchases with 2 certain cashiers since they are both very nice.

She counted my 7 items and scanned the coupon and commented on how this was a good deal. I agreed and told her they worked great for my lunches since I only get a 30 minute break. She said she felt the same way - she also only gets 30 minute lunches - and asked me if there were more because she wanted some. I said yes (this store is usually always well stocked).

So my total was $10.50 (no tax on food in KY!).
Plus, I got back $5 RR.
Whoo hoo!
Of course, I had to take them all out of there boxes to get them to fit in my already crammed freezer. I still might do this deal one more time. Like I said, they really do make good lunches for me.
This is a great time for you to stock up as well if you like these.

Another good deal are these nuts I love eating ever since people at work introduced them to me. I was paying $3.69 each... Walgreens has them on sale this week for $2 each with in-store coupon.
They are yummy!

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