Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's official!
I have shot not one, but two guns!
I shot about 25 - 35 bullets all by myself... and I got on the paper target most of the time - a few even next to the black target part on the target sheet. Never did actually hit the target though. Better luck next time.
(Matt on the other hand did awesome!)
Would have shot more then the two, but once I got to the second gun, I was hooked. It didn't have as big of kick as the first one I tried. It would be the type of gun I would want if I choose to get one for myself.
Shooting kinda made me nervous, but I knew I had to get used to it. I want to feel comfortable holding and shooting a gun in case of an emergency.
Matt's dad had 'bullet noise' cancelling earphones for me to use which I am sure is most of the reason I wasn't as scared.
It was a bit of a thrill!
I look forward to the next time we do it.
(Luckily, Matt's parents have plenty of land for us to practice on. I need to buy some land one day. I can see the benefits!)
I was good at lining up the dots on the gun for aiming, but once I started pushing down on the trigger I did catch myself closing my eyes some of the time which made me aim a little downwards. I need to get a little more comfortable.
One bullet shell hit me right below my neck! It was so hot it left a mark. I should have taken a picture to show you the evidence. :)

After shooting we walked Matt's dog, Jake.
He is a big dog!
A Rottweiler.
I imagine if I ever took him on a walk he would be walking me.

After our walk we hung out and talked with Matt's parents. They invited me to Michigan with them for Matt's grandma's birthday. It wont be until October though.
I need to look up what there is to do around the area. I love all tours and sightseeing.
I make a wonderful tourist if I do say so myself.
Too bad I can't make a career out of that. 
He he he! 

Last night we had dinner at Outback and Matt had ordered crab legs with his steak which he shared with me.
Have you ever had crab legs?
They were so yummy!
So yummy in fact that we went to a Chinese restaurant where we knew they would have crab legs.
I still enjoyed them!
We will definitely have to get some more soon.
If you have never had any, you have no idea what you are missing!
The only bad part is you have to crack and peel them yourself. I started getting better and actually got some crab meat out of a leg in one try.
Ahhhh! Sweet success!

I sure wish I had my camera with me today.
I feel I lost out on a bunch of good pictures.
It was adorable when Matt's mom's dog - Rusty - stuck his whole head in a bag of treats to get one for himself. I also missed a good picture of Jake drinking - no, gulping - water from the hose.
Too cute!
Hopefully next time I go there the dogs do the same 'tricks' and I remember my camera.

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