Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expensive Shoes & The Drive-In

We went to the drive- in movie theater in Georgetown, IN.
Had fun once again!
Just like I knew we would!
I forgot to mention last time all the nostalgic drive-in cartoon "commercials" they show before and in between the movies. They have a bunch of them advertising the concession stand - funny since times sure have changed. Then, they have the ones counting down how long it is until the movie will start and how there is still time to stop at the concession stand because there is no wait.
These alone are worth a trip to this drive-in movie theater.

We saw "The Other Guys" (HILARIOUS) and Salt (Action-Packed).
Both movies were awesome!
Totally worth seeing!
It was still kinda hot, but thankfully the quick burst of rain we had around 6 helped cool the temperature down to about 80%. We sat int he car for the first movie and then decided to sit on a blanket outside for the second one. I will have to remember to borrow some lawn chairs from my mom next time I am there.

Oh, and look what they had framed:
(Make sure you click the picture so you can read the caption. Just goes to show you I am not the only one obsessed.)

During the day Matt and I did some shopping.
He needed new sneakers since he tends to wear his out fairly quickly so we decided to go to Shoe Carnival since they always have Buy 1 Get 1 half off.
Just so you know, there is a HUGE Shoe Carnival on Hurstbourne - head there if you are wanting to do this deal. You should be able to find what you are looking for like Matt. They have at least 10 rows of shoes for men and even more then that for women's shoes.

He decided to get Reebok Easy Tones which work very similar to Skeetchers' Shape Ups. (They help ton your legs and butt while you walk.)
They were $100.00 - which is a lot of money for shoes if you want my opinion. But he kept telling me I should try them on since they were so comfortable.
I didn't want to.
Like I said, that is too much money for shoes.
I resisted for a few minutes.
In the end, I did try them on.
Who would have guessed they would be so comfy?
I knew they would feel good - I just had absolutely no idea how good!
I was hooked!
Felt like walking on air.
Why did I argue in the first place?
I must be crazy!
Matt said he would buy the full price pair and I could get the half off pair.
Lucky for me one of my co-workers rewarded me with a $50 reward through work  so: Thank You S!
Can't wait to start walking in these!
I hope they really do help tone my legs and butt.
How nice would that be?
Too bad I can't wear sneakers to work.
I do LOTS of walking there.

I also bought some clearance books from the used bookstore - $5 for all 3:

Shelving unit for over my toilet for $3.49 after the $10 coupon from Target:

We ate lunch at BD'S Mongolian Grill... very similar to Genghis Grill, but not as good. The food was fine, but is is no comparison. You still get a bowl to fill will meat and veggies - they have 2 bars where you can go on either side so it isn't a 'line' like Genghis Grill. Plus, they did have more meat options which did make this part of the meal better. However, I felt my sauce didn't stick to my food as well as it does at Genghis Grill - more watered down maybe? I also didn't like how they don't add rice or noodles to your meal. Rice came separate - meaning if I wanted to, I would have to mix it into my food myself. 

I think that is all we did. I did make a trip to Kroger to get a few more items, but nothing worth mentioning since the deals are now over. I need to look at there add and see if they have anything good this week. I already looked at Walgreens, CVS, and Staples and there doesn't appear to be anything good which is fine with me - might as well take a week off from shopping. I will need to get some milk and fruit... and a newspaper - got mine this morning, but no coupons... I think someone is now just taking my coupons instead of the whole paper. Makes me so mad! I did cancel my paper, but I already paid for the month of August so I still have a couple more weeks left.

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