Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Forget Me!

I took Wyatt out to go potty and see how the weather was; then brought him back in the house to get my new shoes on for a walk.
For the record, I always intended to bring him, but I don't think he knew this because the moment I sat on the floor to start putting my shoes on he got all excited and started barking at me. I did take his leash off before doing this so I guess I can understand why he was so noisy
It was as if he was saying: "Hey! Don't forget me!"
Like I could ever forget him!
He is my VERY needy dog - surely you know this by now.
He enjoys being an only dog... it ensures he gets all the attention.

While on our walk he got tired even sooner then usual. I held him for a few minutes then made him walk again. I made the decision not to walk as far as I would have liked since he was worn out. I think tomorrow I will go by myself. I need to walk more if I am ever going to lose weight.
Look how worn it he was?
This is why I need a stroller for him. This way he could walk some and then be pushed like a baby the rest of the way.
Now I just have to think of a way to get out of the house without him knowing what I am up to.
This could be tricky....
He he he!

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  1. You can always tell he's really panting because he keeps his tongue in his mouth...ever notice that? Always love him laying like that, with his back legs stretched out. So cute!