Sunday, August 22, 2010

Church With Andy Kirk

This is a VERY honest post. IF you comment, be nice.

Mom and G invited me to church with them and I decided to go.
I have been wanting to go for while, but never have anyone to go with. I know this sounds dumb, but I do not want to go alone. I do not have enough self confidence in myself. Matt promises to go with me next Sunday here in Louisville... I am looking forward to it. I already know which church we will be trying first. I do wish he would have gone with us today. He will have to go next time I am there.

Growing up my mom forced my brother and I to go with her to church and I always hated being there. I would think about other things while we were there and I would put so much effort into ignoring the message and wanting to be anywhere else. I loved the Sundays when my mom did not feel well or would wake up too late for service. She even had a friend at church who I called "The Holy Man" and would try to avoid him at all cost because all he wanted to talk about was GOD.
It's not my mother's fault.
Don't blame her.
I truly do not know what my problem was. I know I hated going to the classes with other kids my age and would beg my mom to allow me to stay with her... I have always been very shy and not confident. This is something I am still working on. I remember my brother not wanting to go as well. Thankfully, She would almost always let us stay with her.

I hate to say this, but I do not know much about the Bible. I do not know many of the 'stories' that others know. Even Matt gives me odd looks when we talk about the Bible and I am forced to admit I have never heard the 'story' he is referring to. (Matt knows TONS about the Bible.)
How embarrassing right?
One day I will overcome this obstacle.
I just need to read the Bible.
And I will.

Back in present time:
You will be glad to know I think my mom and G has found a GREAT church!
I was not bored one bit!
Not even for a minute.
It was about an hour long start to finish.... good timing for me. I hate wasted time between singing and the sermon. It started off with a singer by the name of Andy Kirk and his band playing 2 good songs. Then the preacher talked his sermon.
I enjoyed it!
he even wore jeans and a t-shirt himself - my kinda dress code.

The topic was on jealousy and how you should not feel jealous of others all the time. This related to me. I am always jealous of other people even though I know I shouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for what I do have... I just sometimes want more.
He talked about the 'story' of how Moses was watching from a mountain when Joshua was fighing and how whenever Moses' arms were up with his 'cane', Joshua was winning the fight. When his arms and 'cane' were down, Joshua was losing. After some time, the two people - Aaron and Hur - who were with him realized what was going on. They brought a big rock for Moses to sit on and went on either side on his arms to allow him to rest them on their heads in order to keep the 'cane' up.
I might have the story wrong some, but you get the point.

Well don't you?

The point I am trying to make is that I paid attention and the story stuck with me.

I liked it.

Makes me want to read more.

After the sermon, 2 more songs were sung.
I loved the third song the best.

Then church was over... pain free!

Don't know who Andy Kirk is???
Neither did I until today.

He was the guest singer at church.
He was awesome!
Lucky for me, mom bought the CD. I listened to it all the way home! Over and over again! (That's almost a 3 hour drive... with only 10 songs.)
#3 on the CD is the song I loved him singing at Chuch.

To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy Christian music.
You should buy this CD if you like this type of music. All upbeat songs which I like. No slow songs!

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