Thursday, August 26, 2010

It Actually Worked!

I had seen on several blogs how this week at Walgreens you can buy $20 worth of participating items and get back $5 RR. They had posted you could buy 7 Lean or Hot Pockets for $2.99 each for this deal to work. To make it even sweeter, there is an in-store coupon in the ad from Sunday's paper which makes them $1.50 each - can also be found at the door when you walk into the store. The coupon states limit 4.
However, I have found it all depends on the cashier you have as to whether or not they allow you to get more. When they scan the coupon once - it will lower all those items on your purchase to the price on the coupon. They do not have to scan the coupon as many times as items you are buying.

I decided to try this deal even though I was not familiar with the cashier. Normally I prefer to do my experimental purchases with 2 certain cashiers since they are both very nice.

She counted my 7 items and scanned the coupon and commented on how this was a good deal. I agreed and told her they worked great for my lunches since I only get a 30 minute break. She said she felt the same way - she also only gets 30 minute lunches - and asked me if there were more because she wanted some. I said yes (this store is usually always well stocked).

So my total was $10.50 (no tax on food in KY!).
Plus, I got back $5 RR.
Whoo hoo!
Of course, I had to take them all out of there boxes to get them to fit in my already crammed freezer. I still might do this deal one more time. Like I said, they really do make good lunches for me.
This is a great time for you to stock up as well if you like these.

Another good deal are these nuts I love eating ever since people at work introduced them to me. I was paying $3.69 each... Walgreens has them on sale this week for $2 each with in-store coupon.
They are yummy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Loving Meijer

Usually I do all my grocery shopping at Kroger... mostly because it is convenient and it is where we have always shopped. When I first moved here I had gone to Meijer a few times - you know, to check it out. They have good prices and it is kinda setup like a Wal-Mart - which I liked at the time.
Slowly I stopped going there because it was too much store for me. I don't really need to look at other things while shopping for food. I had filled my prescriptions there and needed to turn in a refill for it and have it filled.

Yesterday, right after work I stopped there to have it filled. I went inside and got in line.
First I had to wait about 5 minutes before I could even give it to the lady since she was on the phone with the state because a doctor who prescribed something was not in the system.
Finally she took my prescription and said it would be about a 45 minute wait. Okay I thought to myself... I'll just shop for groceries here instead of Kroger since I am already here. About 25 minutes into my shopping - while in line at the deli counter, she calls and tells me to spell my name - she can't find me in the system. I spell my name for her and she asks if she can put me on hold. I agree. When she comes back on the line she says it can be filled today, but it will be another 45 minutes.


ANOTHER 45 minutes?!?!?!

So I complained a bit and she then said it would be ready by 9PM at the latest.
I complained even more.
That's ridiculous!
To me, this meant she hoped to have it filled in 45 minutes, but I could take up to 9 PM!
It was only 5PM at the time.
She tells me I should complain to management since there is only 2 people working and this is the only way it will ever change. I agree, it is not her fault - they should have more people working though.

While I'm still in line for the Deli, a manager walks by me and looks at me, but doesn't offer any help... I'm sure he's useless! No point in complaining.
He has seen I have been waiting at least 5 minutes for help at the deli counter.

When I first got to the counter there were 2 people in front of me. I had time to get a cart, pick out some fruit and veggies, and get back in line before the lady was done with the first customer. When she got to the second customer she went all the way to the other side of the long counter to get her chicken. She then takes someone else at the other end of the counter who just got there!

Twice in 30 minutes Meijer pissed me off!

I picked up my medicine in the drive-thru line today.... still took a long time.
I am now boycotting!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Forget Me!

I took Wyatt out to go potty and see how the weather was; then brought him back in the house to get my new shoes on for a walk.
For the record, I always intended to bring him, but I don't think he knew this because the moment I sat on the floor to start putting my shoes on he got all excited and started barking at me. I did take his leash off before doing this so I guess I can understand why he was so noisy
It was as if he was saying: "Hey! Don't forget me!"
Like I could ever forget him!
He is my VERY needy dog - surely you know this by now.
He enjoys being an only dog... it ensures he gets all the attention.

While on our walk he got tired even sooner then usual. I held him for a few minutes then made him walk again. I made the decision not to walk as far as I would have liked since he was worn out. I think tomorrow I will go by myself. I need to walk more if I am ever going to lose weight.
Look how worn it he was?
This is why I need a stroller for him. This way he could walk some and then be pushed like a baby the rest of the way.
Now I just have to think of a way to get out of the house without him knowing what I am up to.
This could be tricky....
He he he!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Church With Andy Kirk

This is a VERY honest post. IF you comment, be nice.

Mom and G invited me to church with them and I decided to go.
I have been wanting to go for while, but never have anyone to go with. I know this sounds dumb, but I do not want to go alone. I do not have enough self confidence in myself. Matt promises to go with me next Sunday here in Louisville... I am looking forward to it. I already know which church we will be trying first. I do wish he would have gone with us today. He will have to go next time I am there.

Growing up my mom forced my brother and I to go with her to church and I always hated being there. I would think about other things while we were there and I would put so much effort into ignoring the message and wanting to be anywhere else. I loved the Sundays when my mom did not feel well or would wake up too late for service. She even had a friend at church who I called "The Holy Man" and would try to avoid him at all cost because all he wanted to talk about was GOD.
It's not my mother's fault.
Don't blame her.
I truly do not know what my problem was. I know I hated going to the classes with other kids my age and would beg my mom to allow me to stay with her... I have always been very shy and not confident. This is something I am still working on. I remember my brother not wanting to go as well. Thankfully, She would almost always let us stay with her.

I hate to say this, but I do not know much about the Bible. I do not know many of the 'stories' that others know. Even Matt gives me odd looks when we talk about the Bible and I am forced to admit I have never heard the 'story' he is referring to. (Matt knows TONS about the Bible.)
How embarrassing right?
One day I will overcome this obstacle.
I just need to read the Bible.
And I will.

Back in present time:
You will be glad to know I think my mom and G has found a GREAT church!
I was not bored one bit!
Not even for a minute.
It was about an hour long start to finish.... good timing for me. I hate wasted time between singing and the sermon. It started off with a singer by the name of Andy Kirk and his band playing 2 good songs. Then the preacher talked his sermon.
I enjoyed it!
he even wore jeans and a t-shirt himself - my kinda dress code.

The topic was on jealousy and how you should not feel jealous of others all the time. This related to me. I am always jealous of other people even though I know I shouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for what I do have... I just sometimes want more.
He talked about the 'story' of how Moses was watching from a mountain when Joshua was fighing and how whenever Moses' arms were up with his 'cane', Joshua was winning the fight. When his arms and 'cane' were down, Joshua was losing. After some time, the two people - Aaron and Hur - who were with him realized what was going on. They brought a big rock for Moses to sit on and went on either side on his arms to allow him to rest them on their heads in order to keep the 'cane' up.
I might have the story wrong some, but you get the point.

Well don't you?

The point I am trying to make is that I paid attention and the story stuck with me.

I liked it.

Makes me want to read more.

After the sermon, 2 more songs were sung.
I loved the third song the best.

Then church was over... pain free!

Don't know who Andy Kirk is???
Neither did I until today.

He was the guest singer at church.
He was awesome!
Lucky for me, mom bought the CD. I listened to it all the way home! Over and over again! (That's almost a 3 hour drive... with only 10 songs.)
#3 on the CD is the song I loved him singing at Chuch.

To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy Christian music.
You should buy this CD if you like this type of music. All upbeat songs which I like. No slow songs!

Super Sticky Notes

Do you know I have a weird fascination with Post-it Notes?

How whenever I see a good deal on them I stock up?

How I already have about 15 pads right this moment?


Hmmm..... how odd.... I thought I had mentioned them at some point.

You see, I have a bunch already, but I always feel the need for more. I feel you can never have too many. If I am remembering correctly, I even gave some to my mom in her stocking last year.

We use them at work - unfortunately our admin support lady is too stingy with our supplies so it's not even worth asking her for some. Much easier to buy and bring in our own. Most of us do. Isn't that sad? You shouldn't have to bring in your work supplies. Especially not when you work for the employer I do.
With that being said, I refuse to pay much for the supplies I do bring in.
(You see - I had to bring in my own binders, page protectors, pens, etc. I'm not joking when I say it is difficult to get supplies from her. Most of us have brought in our own stuff.)

Last week Target had Super Sticky Notes for $1 and I was not able to find any in stock.


I had 5 $1 off coupons which would have made them free. The perfect price for work. I even went to 2 different Targets on 2 separate occasions. HELLO! Do they not get daily shipments in?
Well, while shopping with my mom today she mention Wal-Mart had them for $1.
I was a bit shocked to be honest with you.
So we headed there and sure enough... they had them!
Who would have thought they would be there for the same price and not sold out?
I plan on hopefully printing more coupons so I can get some more to stock me up to last until next year when back to school time comes again.
I sure wish I hadn't deleted the website....


Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's official!
I have shot not one, but two guns!
I shot about 25 - 35 bullets all by myself... and I got on the paper target most of the time - a few even next to the black target part on the target sheet. Never did actually hit the target though. Better luck next time.
(Matt on the other hand did awesome!)
Would have shot more then the two, but once I got to the second gun, I was hooked. It didn't have as big of kick as the first one I tried. It would be the type of gun I would want if I choose to get one for myself.
Shooting kinda made me nervous, but I knew I had to get used to it. I want to feel comfortable holding and shooting a gun in case of an emergency.
Matt's dad had 'bullet noise' cancelling earphones for me to use which I am sure is most of the reason I wasn't as scared.
It was a bit of a thrill!
I look forward to the next time we do it.
(Luckily, Matt's parents have plenty of land for us to practice on. I need to buy some land one day. I can see the benefits!)
I was good at lining up the dots on the gun for aiming, but once I started pushing down on the trigger I did catch myself closing my eyes some of the time which made me aim a little downwards. I need to get a little more comfortable.
One bullet shell hit me right below my neck! It was so hot it left a mark. I should have taken a picture to show you the evidence. :)

After shooting we walked Matt's dog, Jake.
He is a big dog!
A Rottweiler.
I imagine if I ever took him on a walk he would be walking me.

After our walk we hung out and talked with Matt's parents. They invited me to Michigan with them for Matt's grandma's birthday. It wont be until October though.
I need to look up what there is to do around the area. I love all tours and sightseeing.
I make a wonderful tourist if I do say so myself.
Too bad I can't make a career out of that. 
He he he! 

Last night we had dinner at Outback and Matt had ordered crab legs with his steak which he shared with me.
Have you ever had crab legs?
They were so yummy!
So yummy in fact that we went to a Chinese restaurant where we knew they would have crab legs.
I still enjoyed them!
We will definitely have to get some more soon.
If you have never had any, you have no idea what you are missing!
The only bad part is you have to crack and peel them yourself. I started getting better and actually got some crab meat out of a leg in one try.
Ahhhh! Sweet success!

I sure wish I had my camera with me today.
I feel I lost out on a bunch of good pictures.
It was adorable when Matt's mom's dog - Rusty - stuck his whole head in a bag of treats to get one for himself. I also missed a good picture of Jake drinking - no, gulping - water from the hose.
Too cute!
Hopefully next time I go there the dogs do the same 'tricks' and I remember my camera.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sticker Shock!

As you know I had paid $717 for my dental root canal (goodbye new sofa money)... well I got another bill in the mail a few days ago for another $303 due. This tooth has now became VERY expensive! I called my insurance company yesterday to make sure this was correct and I ended up getting an idiot on the phone who kept talking about co-pays and she was calling my dentist right now. So I waited on hold for about 5 minutes just for her to come back on the line and tell me the dentist office must be closed and I needed to 3-way them next time I called.

It was 5 PM for crying out loud!

They were not closed!

So I called back today on my break and got a nice and well informed representative. Thank goodness she had some sense. I explained the situation and she walked me through the charges. She even emailed me a list of all the co-pays for all the different procedures.... next time, no sticker shock for me. Of course, I am hoping there will not be a next time. I want to have a cavity free mouth. :)

In other news, my car reached 100,000 miles yesterday.
I am sad.
This December it will be 6 years since I bought my car.
My first big purchase.
Time sure does fly!
I plan on driving my car until it dies... which I am hoping is a long, long, long time from now.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expensive Shoes & The Drive-In

We went to the drive- in movie theater in Georgetown, IN.
Had fun once again!
Just like I knew we would!
I forgot to mention last time all the nostalgic drive-in cartoon "commercials" they show before and in between the movies. They have a bunch of them advertising the concession stand - funny since times sure have changed. Then, they have the ones counting down how long it is until the movie will start and how there is still time to stop at the concession stand because there is no wait.
These alone are worth a trip to this drive-in movie theater.

We saw "The Other Guys" (HILARIOUS) and Salt (Action-Packed).
Both movies were awesome!
Totally worth seeing!
It was still kinda hot, but thankfully the quick burst of rain we had around 6 helped cool the temperature down to about 80%. We sat int he car for the first movie and then decided to sit on a blanket outside for the second one. I will have to remember to borrow some lawn chairs from my mom next time I am there.

Oh, and look what they had framed:
(Make sure you click the picture so you can read the caption. Just goes to show you I am not the only one obsessed.)

During the day Matt and I did some shopping.
He needed new sneakers since he tends to wear his out fairly quickly so we decided to go to Shoe Carnival since they always have Buy 1 Get 1 half off.
Just so you know, there is a HUGE Shoe Carnival on Hurstbourne - head there if you are wanting to do this deal. You should be able to find what you are looking for like Matt. They have at least 10 rows of shoes for men and even more then that for women's shoes.

He decided to get Reebok Easy Tones which work very similar to Skeetchers' Shape Ups. (They help ton your legs and butt while you walk.)
They were $100.00 - which is a lot of money for shoes if you want my opinion. But he kept telling me I should try them on since they were so comfortable.
I didn't want to.
Like I said, that is too much money for shoes.
I resisted for a few minutes.
In the end, I did try them on.
Who would have guessed they would be so comfy?
I knew they would feel good - I just had absolutely no idea how good!
I was hooked!
Felt like walking on air.
Why did I argue in the first place?
I must be crazy!
Matt said he would buy the full price pair and I could get the half off pair.
Lucky for me one of my co-workers rewarded me with a $50 reward through work  so: Thank You S!
Can't wait to start walking in these!
I hope they really do help tone my legs and butt.
How nice would that be?
Too bad I can't wear sneakers to work.
I do LOTS of walking there.

I also bought some clearance books from the used bookstore - $5 for all 3:

Shelving unit for over my toilet for $3.49 after the $10 coupon from Target:

We ate lunch at BD'S Mongolian Grill... very similar to Genghis Grill, but not as good. The food was fine, but is is no comparison. You still get a bowl to fill will meat and veggies - they have 2 bars where you can go on either side so it isn't a 'line' like Genghis Grill. Plus, they did have more meat options which did make this part of the meal better. However, I felt my sauce didn't stick to my food as well as it does at Genghis Grill - more watered down maybe? I also didn't like how they don't add rice or noodles to your meal. Rice came separate - meaning if I wanted to, I would have to mix it into my food myself. 

I think that is all we did. I did make a trip to Kroger to get a few more items, but nothing worth mentioning since the deals are now over. I need to look at there add and see if they have anything good this week. I already looked at Walgreens, CVS, and Staples and there doesn't appear to be anything good which is fine with me - might as well take a week off from shopping. I will need to get some milk and fruit... and a newspaper - got mine this morning, but no coupons... I think someone is now just taking my coupons instead of the whole paper. Makes me so mad! I did cancel my paper, but I already paid for the month of August so I still have a couple more weeks left.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Team Edward

Sorry I haven't been blogging over the past few weeks.
For whatever reason, I have not been in the mood.
Plus, I feel like nothing worth talking about is really happening. It has been WAY TOO HOT to even leave the house once I get home from work!
So far, this week we had one day at 103 degrees and another at 100 degrees. Now add in the humidity!
I don't even like taking Wyatt out to go potty. Lucky for me, usually by the time I get home from work he really has to go and wastes no time doing his business. I do make sure to walk him some in the morning when it is not yet horribly hot.

Matt is here this weekend (sleeping right now) so I am sure I will have something worthwhile to post. We are going to do some shopping this morning (I did a little on Thursday, but now we will do what I have been wanting to do all week.)
If you go to and go to there printable coupons you can print coupons for $3 off jeans and $10 off a bathroom product. I bought a pair of jeans on clearance for $14.99 making them $11.99 - nice pair of jeans too. You should check out your local Target to see if you can get a pair. 

At work, sometimes I have to go to the bank to make deposits.
Every time I go the bank I always see this certain car in the parking lot so I know it has to be someone who works there. I kept telling myself I needed to bring my camera and get a picture of it. Since I never know when I will be going there, I have not had mine with me.
Finally it worked out and I got my picture a few days ago.
I parked near it so I could easily take my picture without drawing attention to myself.
He he he!
I love the stickers!
I'm so curious as to who's vehicle it is...I have a guess... I wont ever ask though.
Would you?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend of Wii

Friday after work my brother drove down to stay the weekend with me before school started for him. He hadn't been here since I first moved to Kentucky back in November so it was nice for him to see where I live and all that sort of stuff.

Curious as to what we did?

Friday night we did what Matt and I always tend to do.... we rented a movie from Redbox and ordered a Large 3-topping pizza from Papa Johns. Nice and relaxing for me after a full week of work. I love this routine!

Saturday we went to the Louisville Zoo.
Very fun!
I got us lost on the way there - not really my fault though. I agree, I should have brought my GPS - but I know my way there! The only reason I got a little lost was because of road construction which re-routed us. The spot where the construction came out, I should have went straight, but I went left which got us off our path to the point that I had to call my mom to look online to help me find my way back.
When we first walked into the zoo I asked my brother which way he wanted to start (left or right). He didn't care so I chose left since last time I was there with Matt we went right.
Boy am I glad we went left!
We got to the elephants just in time to see them exercise with there trainers, we got to see feeding time for the gorillas, and we got to see feeding time for the tiger.
The elephants were so cute. (They are both female.) At first the trainers walked them around in a row with the back one holding the front one's tail with her trunk.

Then we watched one of them move a log with ease.
Such strong animals!
They stood on rocks too!
Check out this cool video I took of them.
It amazes me they were able to train them to do this.

This gorilla was outside the eating area.
He must like having his picture taken.
I wasn't really able to get good pictures of them eating inside. I can assure you it was amusing to watch the first gorilla grab as much lettuce as he could and carry it onto a high ledge looking out a window. Another gorilla went around grabbing as many carrots as he could hold - which he promptly took to another room in the confines of there home. He dropped one on the way.

Here's the tiger.
She kept pacing back and forth before feeding time. We thought this meant she must have known it was almost time to eat and she was anticipating her keeper's arrival.
We were wrong.
She ate one piece of meet then left to pace again.
This picture reminds me of Wyatt grooming himself.

We saw some other animals too like...




Sea Lions

Giant turtles

Even a mama duck with her ducklings.
He he he!

After the zoo we got some Taco Bell and went to the house to eat and let my baby out to use the restroom.
Our next stop was to see the Slugger Museum.
I think my brother enjoyed it.
I only took a few pictures since I was just there not too long ago.
This is a view of the ceiling...

When we went home I made dinner and we played Wii.
Mostly Mario Party 8.
Good times!
Reminded me of times when we were younger and would play N64 together.
Of course back then, the games weren't nearly as sophisticated as they are now.
Lot more details!
We spent all morning today playing too.
We did manage to go to the few stores I wanted to go to, but even after that we came home and played mroe Mario.
Maybe I will actually start using my Wii more.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

No Purchase Necessary

I have decided I will no longer buy Bath and Body Works products since they cost too much money in comparison to other products that are very similar.
However, I do not mind the price of FREE.
CLICK HERE for a coupon which is good through today for a FREE 1 ounce bottle of antibacterial hand soap. No purchase necessary.
Matt and I both "bought" 1 at 2 different stores.
I was happy to get these. I like to carry these in my purse. Plus, there are new smells.

We went to Wal-Mart (I know, I hate this store, but I needed more bubble bath) and we tested our blood pressure.
Here's mine:

Before Wal-Mart, we went to Panaera for dinner.
I got the summer fruit and poppy seed (forgot what it was called) salad. It had strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges, and pineapples.
The only good deal (to me) in the newspaper this week is at Office Depot.
Today only, limit 2 per household, you can get 500 count white copy paper for $1 each.
Awesome deal!
You should definitely go and get you some.
Don't pass on this one.
If you are like me and don't need any paper, just get it and save it for when you do. They are only doing this good deal since it is back to school time.