Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Not Some Random

I imagine I owe you all some good posts since I took a whole week to write anything at all. I know I need to have lots to say and write. I am sure I will be doing something fun this weekend which will be worth mentioning. I wont tell you what just yet though. I like to build the suspense like a TV show.
(Yes, I know I am boring!)

Until then, I can share the joy of laundry with you.
In fact, I can hear my dryer spinning right this moment as I type. I want this load dried before I go to sleep.
This is how much I had washed prior to coming home from work today.
I emptied my closet of all the smokey clothes to make room for the clean hopefully smoke free clothes. As you can see, I am washing absolutely everything.
I know they wont be completely smoke free, but I think and hope they will be over the next few weeks.
Everything except for what is in the washer and dryer right now has been hung or folded and placed in its proper place. I am a bit neurotic when it comes to organizing my closet if you can tell.
My life seems to consist only of laundry at the moment.
I really hope the smoke smell comes out of my stuff. I do not enjoy breathing it in.

I did a little shopping today. Had to buy some fruits and veggies and TV dinners to get me through the week.
I already know what I will make for dinner tomorrow. Maybe I will take some pictures to post on here.

What do you think of this little guy?
Looks like he is growing facial hair which I don’t think is suppose to happen.
The worm is supposed to turn colors depending on how much moisture is in the soil to help me know how much water the plant needs. I will probably have to throw him away. The fuzz can’t be a good thing. I can only assume it must be some sort of mold or mildew. And ideas?

These are old cookbooks my mom had bought when my brother and I were small children. I remember flipping through them as I got older and wanting my mom to make all the yummy looking items.
She was going to throw them out so I took them home to flip through them to see if there are any good recipes I can cut out. Always funny to read old cookbooks and see how they used to make certain foods. I remember looking in Greg’s mom’s old cookbook one year when we were making Christmas cookies and all the funny things they wanted you to do. I wish I could remember what they were, but my mind is blank. So glad we no longer have to make everything from 100% scratch. I cannot not even imagine how much work has to go into all that. Just think, once you spent hours cooking breakfast, it was ate in 30 minutes, then you cleaned the kitchen and started making the next meal. No wonder stay at home moms "worked" full-time.
I am extremely lazy when it comes to making dinner. I need to get better about that. I should be thankful for what little I do have to do in comparison.

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