Monday, July 26, 2010

What Do You Haul?

Lets call this a blog of randomness.
Sound good to you?
It does to me too!
Glad you agree.

I was going to work my way up to this picture, but I decided to start off with it. Who carse about the old saying "save the best for last". I wanted to start with the best!

I wasn't sure what it was from far away.
I knew whatever it was, it seemed peculiar.
Boy was I right!
I was driving on I-65 North yesterday from my mom's house to mine and this is what I happened to see.
Of course I couldn't resist taking a picture!
I sure was glad my camera was in my purse and my purse was on the seat next to me.
This was a once in a lifetime shot.
It's not everyday you see someone moving a plane in a Budget truck.
I wonder if the driver was concerned it might fall out?

I took this picture in my mom's yard when letting Wyatt out.
Not sure why the butterfly was in the grass and not a tree or something.
Wyatt walked right by the butterfly and never noticed it.
I was a little worried he would sniff the poor creature.
He was still sick though.


  1. The butterfly is still there and is alive. No idea what its doing.