Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stephenie Meyer - You're Welcome!

By now you know how addicted I am to the Twilight series.
So addicted that I have 4 copies of Twilight, 3 copies of New Moon, 2 copies of Eclipse, and 1 copy of Breaking Dawn in my possession which doesn't include the copy of Eclipse or Breaking Dawn I already sold.
(I'm not THAT obsessed, but since I usually buy my books used I needed a perfect set and it took me that long to get the right ones. Now I just need to sell all the extras. Of course, now that I am a full pledged fan I buy all her current books new to support her sales.)

Don't judge me!

Well over the weekend I was visiting my mother and was talking about Eclipse the movie and how awesome it was and how it was pretty close to the book - my favorite in case you were interested.
I told her she needed to read the books. Since I had my extras in my car truck she said she would read them sometime soon.
Imagine my surprise when I talk to my mom today after work and learn she has almost finished the first book!

(Insert happy dance)

She's hooked!

Your welcome Stephenie Meyer.
Summit Entertainment, your welcome.
It will be no time at all before she finishes the three books she has and will need me to come home and loan her Breaking dawn and Bree's story.

AND, I will have to bring the Twilight and New Moon DVDs and have a marathon.


Who would have guessed?

Mom, click the below image to get a better view so you can picture the charcters and get the full effect.

While searching for the above pictures I found 2 more post worthy ones:
Too funny!
I need to print this one out!

This was a young lady's birthday cake.
Notice the 4 symbols of each book.

Like I said I would, I made dinner for the first time in a long while.
I was disappointed by my "burger".
The meat was WAY too greasey and the "burgers" wouldn't stay together. I ate it though and will eat it again for lunch tomorrow.
The spinach was frozen, but the green beans I made from fresh beans. I took the end off and boiled them in a little water with pepper (my mom told me to do it this way) until they were soft and ready to eat.

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