Monday, July 5, 2010

Potted Plants

On some things, I am not a quitter....
This is why I decided to plant another tomato plant since my last attempt sadly died. I don't think I watered it enough. I will be sure to water this one every morning to ensure it stays plenty moist.

While at Lowe's today I also bought 2 white plants. I thought they would look nice on my back patio. I have one more pot so I might go buy another one. They were $3 a piece so we will see. I hate spending money on things I might or might not kill within a month. Fingers crossed these ones live!

I had already decided to buy some plants as a housewarming gift to myself so imagine my surprise to finding 75% of potting items while in CVS. I got my 3 bags of potting soil for $1.25 each - originally $7.99 - which is actually more then 75% off. Hhhmmmm!

We had a bad experience at CVS though.
We had our 3 bags of potting soil and placed them on the counter. Well, apparently one of the bags had a small hole and a little dirt got on the counter.
Our cashier - also the store manager - says something along the lines of "oh my goodness!"
Well, I didn't know what he was referring to and I assumed he meant we were buying a lot of soil so I replied - "Ya, it's a good deal." And he says something like - "No, I'm referring to the dirt on the counter." So I say - "Oh, figures I would pick a bag with a hole in it." I said this while smiling.
However, he was such a dick about it!
Considering he was a manager he should have been a bit nicer! 
It's not like we purposely picked a bag with a hole and then dumped it on the counter.
Dude, get over yourself!
I am tempted to call the customer service number on him!
But I don't feel they will do anything about it and it will be a waste of my time.

Back to my plants though -
Here is what I started with:

Here is the end results:
This was a bit messy - I got some soil on my patio; I hope it blows away.
This is my plant that outgrew its pot. i think that is why is looks so droopy. When I removed it from its old pot, the roots were all wrapped around each other. I assume this new pot will allow my plant to grow.

They have been watered and are enjoying the end of the sun. I will water them once more in a few minutes for good measures.
I truly hope these bloom and don't die.

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