Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy's Baby

SO cute!
This was Wyatt Friday night before getting sick.

My poor Wyatt has been sick since Saturday.

I'm not sure if he was not feeling well since he didn't have his regular dog food in the past few days, or if he was feeling sick because his role as fuzzy vacuum sweeper caused him to eat something he shouldn't have ate. (He always eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that looks remotely like food - he's worse than a 2 year old.)
He was drinking water, but not eating. We tried to give him some oatmeal Sunday morning - he didn't want any. Last night I tried to feed him tiny pieces of apple and one piece of popcorn (both of which he loves!) he only sniffed, but didn't want to eat.

I felt so bad for my little guy!
I didn't know how to help him.
He just wanted to sleep. And he felt warm.

He did eat some dog food this morning that I made soggy by soaking it in water. He ate about 8 pieces.
I was so happy!
I left him some more soggy food that I hoped he would eat - he didn't.

I planned on taking him to the vet today after work if he still seemed sick....

My baby boy seems to be doing well. I guess he needed some food in him to perk him back up. I was so relieved! He ate some more food out of my hand too. Now he just needs to poop! I tried walking him - no luck yet.


  1. He looks fat... or bloated.

  2. LOL! I think he was bloated... this was the day before (friday) he got sick. :(