Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Still Here :)

Ya, I know it has been almost a week since I last blogged.
I do apologize.
I know a few of you hate when I don't blog for a few days.
It has been a busy week with unpacking, watching TV and hurting my foot though. Plus, you know I hate blogging when I have nothing to say.
I had planned on blogging earlier this evening, but I decided to check my Family Feud points on Facebook.
I was able to buy more things within level 3 to move onto level 4 which gave me 4 more games to play. I have played 3 of them so far. I quit because I was pissed off when I tried to post my fast money game to my friend's wall it froze on me twice and said Internet problem.
Translation - it didn't post 2 of my games and now I wont get those points.
I was so mad! Frustrated!
That is not fair!
I'll get over it - I promise.

You will be glad to hear signing my lease went smoothly.... 6 months like I was told.
I wiped the sweat off my forehead after that one.
So far, no smoke smell.
Sadly, even right now as I type this I am still washing my clothes.
I hope to have them all washed by tomorrow night though. Maybe even all put away.
when I was home this weekend I smelt the stench of smoke still embeded in my clothes. I hope the smell goes away soon.  

I have been watching a lot of Weeds.... finished my last 2 episodes of Season 5 today. I cannot believe how it ended! I knew certain things would happen - Matt, we need to discuss this ASAP!
Now I just have to wait and be patient until August 14 or 15 when Season 6 starts. Seems like it will never be here!
Such a good show! So glad I have Showtime! It will end mid-November and I am hoping that by threatening to cancel I will continue to get it free.  I refuse to pay $15/month for a channel I only like one thing on.

Speaking of good things....
Matt and I finally went and saw ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!
Loved it! I can hardlywait for it to come on video so I can own it and watch it over and over again. I plan on re-reading all the books now. Who knows, maybe we will have to go see it in theater again.
I was very glad to see Rosalie had blond - not yellow - hair again. Looked so much more natural.
I wish they had shown more of the Cullen family. Speaking as a Twilight and Cullen fan, that is who I want to see. Maybe I will get my wish in the next 2 movies. Too bad the next one wont even be out until November 2011.
I loaned my mom the books.... I really hope she reads them. If she falls in love with the series like I did we will have to have a Twilight marathon of the first 2 movies. Then I will really have an excuse to see Eclipse in theater again. Fingers crossed!

Thursday as I was leaving work I twisted my left foot inside my sandal. Of course it became swollen and bruised. But did I let that stop me from going to Walgreens?
I'm sure I made it worse by walking on it.
I never learn.
So it has been hurting all weekend. I feel it is finally getting better today. I looked like a dork when I walked. You should never make fun of people who walk different. It's not nice.

I'll write more tomorrow. I still gotta let Wyatt out and water my plants.

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