Monday, July 5, 2010

I Moved!

I wrote this on Friday morning, but didn't post it....

Let me tell you, it has been a rough past few days.
Between work and home, I have had a lot of unwanted stress added to my life. At home it is because of the smoke smell. When I called my apartment manager yesterday she said I would have to sign a new one year lease to move. I told her no – I would look for somewhere else to live. Then after thinking it through, I called her back asking if she would be willing to move me with a 6 month contract – taking me through January 1. She said yes, but didn’t think I wanted to pay more money. (They charge extra $50 per month for 6 month lease) I told her that was correct, I don’t want to pay more, but due to my unique situation, would they make an exception. She kept saying ummm… and I asked her if she wanted to call the owner and then call me back. She said no and yes they would do the 6 month lease with no extra money.
After work, I will go home and walk through the apartment and – I think – sign the lease. If I like the apartment, hopefully I can start moving my things tonight. I started packing some items. I am hoping to be able to bring a lot of items just the way they are. We will see. I am not looking forward to actually moving my belongings. I am a pack rat! I hate getting rid of anything! It will be nice to one day own my own house and not have to move for awhile.

Writing today...
After work on Friday I went and looked at the apartment.
I liked it.
Of course, I think I would have liked anything at this point.
But I do like where it faces out to and I like the different floor plan.
She handed me the keys and said I can sign the lease on Tuesday.
I wont lie, I am a bit nervous about the lease being correct. I hope I didn't make a bad decision. Prior to leaving her I again verbally asked about the lease being 6 months with no extra money and she said it would end December 31st.
I'm trusting her.
Matt came over on Friday afternoon and we moved most of my smaller items to the new place. This consisted of tons of trips up and down the stairs. This is very tiring when you are out of shape like me. Matt seemed to be okay walking up and down. He did sweat, but that is about it. He didn't complain as much as I did.
Saturday, we continued to move more items until my parents arrived that afternoon to help me. Matt and Greg moved all the big pieces of furniture. I hope no one was too sore. They need to come down one weekend when I am not moving. I feel they don't ever get to come and visit. We will need to plan a trip one day.
Sunday, Matt and I finished all the moving and throwing out trash and continued to unpack. I also did load after load of laundry. Still have lots to go, but I feel good about what I have accomplished. I am hoping the smoke smell leaves me alone soon.
Today, after Matt left I have continued to unpack. Here are some pictures of my new place. Just know it is still a work in progress.

When you walk into the front door, the kitchen is on your right and the kitchen table/eating area is in front of you, on your left.
Keep going straight and you will enter the living room.
(I will be hanging some pictures on the wall soon.)

Here is the kitchen - it is a little wider then my last one, but has the same amount of cabinets and counter space.)
(Notice the potting soil!)
This is my second bedroom.
It is completely unpacked believe it or not. I did tell you I am a pack rat.
This is the second bedroom's closet - filled top to bottom.
Most of it is Christmas and other holiday decorations. I love to decorate!
My laundry area is in the hall across from the second bedroom.
Here's my room.
This is the bathroom in my room - blocked by all the clean laundry I have washed but not folded and put away yet.
My 2 closets in my room.
My main bathroom.
Still working on unpacking everything.
Well, I am sick of being online now. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my new place.
Thank you Matt, Greg and Mom for helping me move!!!

Oh, by the way, guess who was moving out when Matt and I came home this afternoon after shopping? The lady who lived below me! I wonder what that is all about???

P.S. I will not move again until I move into a house and I WILL hire someone else to move my stuff.

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