Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Mad At Kroger Right Now

If you read my previous post you know about the awesome deal Kraft has going on right now when you buy 5 participating items.
You also know I was going to do the deal one more time to be fully stocked on cheese until the next sale.

So I went to Kroger and picked out all my items, scanned all my items followed by my coupons, paid and then my receipt and change came back... oh ya, I was at the annoying long lined Kroger by me and I choose to go to the self check-out line - which I hate.
Guess what didn't happen?
My Catalina for $5.00 off my next shopping trip didn't print.
I am thinking the Catalina machine was out of paper.
So I go to the cashier and tell her what happened and she said I would have to call them about it.
Call who I ask?
She said Kroger - number on the back of my Kroger Plus card.
Fine, I will call them from the parking lot.
I call them and explain the situation and the lady gives me a number to the Catalina department.
I call the Catalina department only to get there answering service - a real person by the way.
She wanted to know if I wanted to call tomorrow or leave a message.
Why do they have an answering service when they can just be working?
Most call centers when closed have a voice recording!
I am so mad at the moment!
I will call again tomorrow morning, I am hoping they make me happy again.
I would hate to have to boycott Kroger.
Odds are Kroger should have stocked the Catalina machine with paper and I wouldn't of had this problem. So unless the Cataline department can add the $5.00 to my card.....

Wish me luck!

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