Sunday, July 18, 2010

Georgetown, IN Drive-in Movie Theater

(The view from where we parked.)

Last night we decided to try out the drive-in movie theater about 35 miles from where I live. I always have a nice time when we go to the drive-in. I feel we get our money's worth since they show 2 movies for the price of one.

We were concerned it was going to rain. And it did. :(
That sucked. We had to roll up the windows and turn the car on at one point. We allowed the rain to hit us when it was just drizzling.
Plus, it was hot!
We didn't get home until 3 AM... I think that is the latest I have stayed up since New Moon came out on DVD.

This drive-in has 2 screens, both of which played 2 movies in a row.
We watched Inception and Eclipse (for the second time).
$9 a person
Fun, but was not set up as nicely as the Waverly, TN drive-in. Didn't seem like it held as many cars. They did have a huge snack bar. We bought us popcorn - we brought our own candy and drinks. (I'm cheap - remember?)

I will go back again.
I enjoyed myself.
We just need to pick a cooler night.
Over the weekend we also rented Eli and The Bounty Hunter.
Both movies were great!
I recommend renting them both.
It's about time Matt and I picked out some good movies. I was getting annoyed with renting stupid movies.


  1. That's awesome that you found a drive-in close by...Waverly is the best and Letters to Juliet were playing this weekend. My kids refused to go so I didn't get to go...*sigh*...It's only $6 at the Valley Drive-In...You'll have to come down one weekend and we'll go to the drive-in...You can bring Wyatt too...

    Take care,

  2. It was fun!
    Maybe when you come visit me we could always go there too.
    It's still cheaper then going to the regular movie theater. Plus, I love the atmosphere of the drive-in. I wish I could open one. I think it would be a great business to own. :)