Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wyatt And His Drops

My mouth is feeling okay today. I have still been taking it easy and trying not to chew on that side. I know I will have to start using it again - I just need the fear of pain to go away first. I still have some soreness around the tooth and on my cheeks. Still can't fully open my mouth without it hurting.
I can honestly say I was happy not to have swelling this morning.
The dental assistant called today to check up on me. I know they do this for all their patients, but I liked the gesture. Of course, I was working when she called so she got my voicemail. I did leave her a message saying I was doing well.
Now the countdown starts for the time when my temporarily crown comes off and the actual crown comes on. I hope this is not painful. I am wondering how they get my temporarily crown off.
Do you think they use the drill again?
Surely it doesn't just pop off. On the reading material they gave me it said if it does come off I need to pop it back in immediately and call them ASAP to have it applied back on. (And you were wondering why I am apprehensive of chewing on that side.)
I would think drilling it off would be the only way. I could look this information up online or ask Heather, but to be honest with you, I'd rather not know. I do know I will bring my IPOD with me on my next visit so I don't have to hear any of the sounds. I am going to be a big girl next visit and not get the "happy gas."

Good thing I decided to give Wyatt his Advantage drops on someone's birth day. I swear it is the only way I remember to do it. I don't want him getting worms again or fleas for that matter. Hope you are good about remembering your dog's treatment day. In the past I used to forget and I would just guess when I think I last applied the medicine. I can assure this is not the best method. I suppose writing it on a calender would work - assuming you look at your calender. I am not so good at this - unless it is my calender at work which I constantly look at for one reason or another. 

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