Sunday, June 27, 2010

Worked Overtime

Whoo hoo!

I actually went into work today and did 7 - YES 7 - hours of overtime!
I am slowly paying off my root canal. I will have to go in on another Sunday soon to make even more money. I did the math and I will need to work a WHOLE LOTTA hours. :( I can do it over the summer thankfully since we are being hit hard right now at work.
It was not bad at all actually. When I first got there only D was there which was nice. We chatted some as we worked and when we weren't talking, it was peaceful - no phones ringing, no customers, and best of all, no annoying co-workers. So stress free -  I was beginning to think that was impossible! A few hours later another one of our co-workers came in. She is quiet so she didn't bother me. 2 hours before I left, another lady came in.
All quiet people! - D told me if I had came in yesterday I would not have liked all the talking. So I made the right decision on which day to come in - worked out for me.
I got TONS of work done! I am almost fully caught up. I feel great! Of course, I would have had more fun laying around the house all day but at least I was making money. :)

I stopped and got some doughnuts on my way. I felt I deserved a nice treat for going in on a Sunday. Like I always say, I need to go on a diet. Why on Earth can't I get motivated?

I did almost everything I wanted to do this weekend.
I watched "Avatar" (awesome movie) and "When in Rome"
Watched more episodes of Weeds - almost done with season 3 now
Took a long bath and read my book
Cleaned my kitchen and both bathrooms
Cooked breakfast and lunch yesterday
Did 1 load of laundry
Went to Kroger again
Organized my 2 smaller binders into my 2 larger binders along with other stuff I found in my desk - now I'm all organized

The only thing I didn't do was wash my bed linens. I will do this right after work tomorrow. I hate sleeping in a dirty bed.
Well, it is already 10PM and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Good night!

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