Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopped Till I Almost Dropped

We had planned on going to the drive-in movie theatre, but with the temperature at 99 degrees – we passed. It was awful just walking from the car to the stores we went into due to the heat mixed with high humidity. When we got back into town at 9:30 last night – it was still 86 degrees!
I would have like to go to the zoo as well, but forget that idea. 

We did however go to A BUNCH of stores shopping for nothing in particular.
Hobby Lobby
Sonic (Happy Hour Drinks!)
Sam’s Club
Pei Wei (Dinner)
Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s
Those are just the places Matt and I went to in the big city! I did more before I even left town.
I was one busy shopping lady!

While in BAM, I went into the store ahead of Matt while he did whatever outside. When he found me, he said – “I should have known you wouldn’t be looking at the regular priced books.”
Ha ha ha!
Sometimes, he knows me so well!
Of course I always go to the clearance book selection first!
I like a good deal! Books are way overpriced in my opinion. Why should I pay $15 when I can wait and get them for $5? Or an even better deal when I buy used?
I did go to 3 Goodwill stores this weekend - only found 3 good books. I need more! I will have to keep searching. I did email a lady about 2 books she is selling online that I wanted to buy. She emailed me back saying she still has them, but when I tried to setup a time to meet, she has yet to email me back. I really want these books! I emailed her from another email address last night so hopefully she will respond. (She still hasn’t!) If she does, Matt, I hope you will get them for me.
Please, please, please – with a cherry on top!

Wanna see my 2 best buys from yesterday?
Probably not!
He he he!
I have nothing else to blog about so I’ll show you them.

I am loving this pumpkin I bought for $8.16 from Hobby Lobby (75% off).
Check out the swirls! I could have got a spotted one, but this one is much cuter - more me!
Normally, I am too cheap to spend that much money on a holiday decoration, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it in the store.
Besides, it is more then a holiday decoration – it a seasonal decoration. I’ll get use out of this August through November. Even longer this year since I plan on displaying it proudly on my dresser.

While in Hobby Lobby I saw all sorts of neat craft ideas. I need to make a list of the things I want to make and get busy making them. I already have an idea for my old Scrabble game - I will have to find one more at Goodwill or a yardsale.
I also need a craft room one day so I c. an have a big table! Of course, my kitchen table works great for now.

These are my new shoes from Sears… Reg. $70 – I paid $30

I liked them even before I saw the price tag.
P.S. Wyatt finally started to sleep in his new sock monkey bed!
I knew he would!
(He’s not sleeping in either picture because he almost always hears when the camera comes on. I can assure you he had a very tiring weekend and needs his beauty sleep.)


  1. The pumpkin looks even prettier in the photo. Also, I think Wyatt looks like pissy - I can tell you woke him up! LOL!

  2. It is beautiful!
    He should have been asleep! Besides, he only looks pissy in one of the pictures. he's just my big baby!:)