Thursday, June 17, 2010

Novacaine Please

Went to the dentist today for a cleaning.
I had made the appointment about 3 weeks earlier because I felt I had a cavity.
Boy was that an understatement...
I have one cavity and one tooth that needs a root canal!
The appointment is set for early next week. I figured I might as well get it done and over with before I change my mind.
I just seem to have one case of bad luck after another!
I know it is all my own fault though. I need to brush my teeth better. So now I gotta shell out about $700.
Guess I will be working overtime in the coming weeks to pay for all this since I refuse to touch my savings account. Good thing we are being offered unlimited overtime probably all summer due to how busy we are and how short staffed we are at the moment.
On the plus side, I really liked the lady who cleaned my teeth. I thought the dentist was nice too. I trust them to do a good job on my mouth.
I really liked how convenient the location was! I did not know where exactly they were located prior to calling them from my insurance's website. In fact, they were my second choice - my first choice didn't answer the phone when I called. Their loss! They could have made $700 from me in addition to the $1300 or so my insurance company is paying. I'm glad they didn't answer the phone.
I need to book an eye exam now and I will be all set!

Switching subjects...
I tried to get Wyatt a grooming appointment for when I go home in a few weeks, but they are all booked up. I do need to find somewhere local to take him. I just hate to try somewhere new. No one I know who lives close to me has a dog they take somewhere to be groomed so I have no one to ask for a referral. When it is cooler I can take him to the park and ask someone there I suppose. That does not help me now though. I might have to make a special trip home to get his hair cut. I don't want his hair to grow long and make him hotter.

P.S. I am watching Twilight on Showtime for the hundredth time!!!
One of the best movies ever!
I should be updating my resume!
Tomorrow is a new day!

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