Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nothing Much To Do :)

How do you picture a relaxing weekend?
Do you picture yourself laying in bed watching TV?
Laying outside by a pool - or even by the backdoor?
Both are great options.
However, I picture two different scenarios.

The first scenario consists of sightseeing, eating somewhere new, and shopping till I can't shop anymore. This is my ideal vacation which I will go on one of these days. It is also what I like to do when Matt is here visiting for the weekend. Living here can still feel like a vacation since I have not seen everything there is to see yet.

The second scenario - which I will be doing (mostly) this weekend - is absolutely nothing.
Translation: I want to do things I am to lazy to do during the week after work. (Although I do watch a lot of TV these days.)
Ha ha ha!
I do not want to leave the house unless I have to leave - such as going to Walgreens this evening to return the movies I rented.

Today I plan on:

Watching "When in Rome" and "Avatar"
Taking a long bubble bath while finishing "Three Weeks With My Brother" then starting "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas"
And hanging out with my favorite little guy.

The non-relaxing tasks I need to complete are working on Sunday (4 or 5 hours to help pay for my dental bill since I don't want to touch my savings account) and organizing my binder for work. I need to go from these 2 smaller binders on the left and in the the middle to the large one I bought on the right.

I also need to do some cleaning - vacuum, dishes, the kitchen and clean both bathrooms - will finish as much as possible for 1 hour. I am sure I can get everything done in this amount of time though. The longest part will be cleaning the toilets and tub.
See, the kitchen isn't bad... just need to clear the counters and wipe them down.

Yesterday I went to Kroger and bought all the groceries I need so I am good to go. Wild caught Alaskan Salmon was $3.99 a pound! Sale is good through today if you are interested.
Last night and this morning I watched about 8 episodes of "Weeds" - now I am one Season 3, Episode 5.
Have you seen that show?
I love it!
The first 2 episodes I saw a few weeks ago did not have me hooked, but once I got to episode 4 - I was all into it! Luckily I have one year of free Showtime and since the show's new season will be airing soon they have all 5 seasons On Demand meaning I can watch all the episodes whenever I want until August 31.
If you haven't seen the show, you should check it out. It is funny!
It's mostly about a lady named Nancy who resorts to selling Weed after her husband dies to make ends meet. I truly did not think I would like the show, but it has proved me wrong. Each episode makes me want to see more which keeps me watching more. They always seem to leave each episode with a small cliffhanger to keep people tuned in.

You will be proud to know I finally updated/jazzed up my resume - my current job at least. I felt it lacked something to be desired and maybe that is why I have not been getting calls about my resume. Hopefully this helps me resume get out there more then it already is. I would love to get a job offer with better pay. Right now I live month to month with not a whole lot leftover. I would like to save more money or put a dent into my student loans. I also have dreams of owning my own home sometime in the near future and I am not so sure I can afford what I want on the paycheck I make now. I could be wrong, but I don't want to be house poor if you know what I mean.

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