Sunday, June 6, 2010

Louisville Science Center Plus More

Yesterday evening - around 5 - we went to the Louisville Science Center.
There were a few cool exhibits, but this place is definitely meant for younger children. We had fun though - stayed about an hour and a half looking at everything. Meaning, I feel I got my monies worth!
They are open all week - for an adult it costs $15 per person.
However, I had read online they stay open late (until 9PM) on Fridays and Saturdays and if you come after 5, admission was $5 per person.
Not bad. 
4 hours is plenty of time to do it all even if you have kiddos. When we were there, not a lot of people were. I felt this was the perfect time to go. I would recommend this time of the day. I think it would be more crowded during the day. Judging by the streets, it was.

Here are our favorite exhibits.


Matt loved this machine:
You used the 2 joysticks to move this "robot" to pick up the blocks and move them.
I was awful at this. could not figure out how to move it the correct way. I could go back and forth or up and down, just couldn't figure out how to do it all at the same time.
Matt did great! He picked up several of the blocks with ease.

This was my absolute favorite exhibit!
I had read about it online before going here.
It is a REAL 2400 year old mummy.
They had him behind some thick glass.
It was creepy.
I love seeing things like this.

This is a spaceship they tested to fly to the moon.
Us big kids had to get our picture in it.
(Matt did too, but he doesn't like having his picture taken so I'm not going to push it by posting it.)
It was cool.

The bubble machine!
Pull the rope down for the blow the bubble.
You can tell I had fun!

The science center had a bunch of videos to watch and blocks to play with.
Perhaps if I was younger or had kids I would have enjoyed myself more.
This will not go into my Louisville top 10 must sees,  but if you have kids you might enjoy it.

After the science center we went and took a few more pictures in front of the Slugger bat since no one was around.
This was the perfect time to get some pictures.
Had I known this, I would not have bothered getting any pictures by it earlier.

We walked around a little before going to the science center.
I found a few more picture worthy items.
Notice the paw prints... looks like dog prints.

Here is a closer view of the chandelier I mentioned in my earlier post.
It looks cheap.
I doubt they ever bring it inside.

Here's is what the red penguins are for.

Matt and I had drove by the hideous limo yesterday morning.
We finally walked by it and I had to snap a few pictures.
This has got to be one of the tackiest things I have ever seen!
With a naked woman on it and all!
Obviously this hotel MUST be something else!

Giant wind chimes!

P.S. When we went to park, the same lady was still there. Needless to say, she remembered us and let us in again. Yay!

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