Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kate Plus 8

I truly meant to post this yesterday - I wrote it when I first got home from
work. I was going to write more after I ate dinner, but I decided to go sleep at 7:30. Well, actually, I went to lay down and ended up crashing. I didn't even wake up until my normal time. I thought for sure I would wake up after a few hours if I did fall asleep.
Oh well.
Just goes to show how my work is stresses me out and making me tired. I feel
the same way today - will not go to bed too early though. I felt way too groggy this morning to do that again. (For lunch I was bad and bought a Snickers ice cream bar, Oreos, and Rice Krispie treat - I was feeling unhappy. I am an emotional eater.)
The following is my post I meant to display yesterday:
(I didn't change anything.)

I finished my book in one bath.
Granted, my bath is longer than the average person's bath, but it still wasn't that long of a book.
It was a good read, but not really worth the money. However, being that I am addicted to Twilight, it was worth it to me though. I gotta have all her books!
Just ask Matt!

Kate Plus Eight premiered on TLC last night.
Of course I watched it! Did you really think I wouldn’t? I tried to not watch…
At this point, I feel I have too much time invested into this family not to watch. I used to be addicted to this show – not as addicted as I am to Twilight though. It used to come on Monday evenings and no matter I was doing, I would always be home in time to watch it. Used to drive Matt nuts!
Think what you want about Kate, but at least she is providing for her family. The kids were all so cute – just like they always were. Mady is still is brat! She would drive me nuts if I had to be around her. I thought this episode would be about Kate bad mouthing Jon, but she surprised me by not really saying anything negative about him. Surprise, surprise, right?

We decided to make our funnel cake before Matt left yesterday.
Very yummy!
Nice and cakey!
It made 4. We ended up throwing the last one away since we had more than enough. We both got stuffed on funnel cake. I can assure you it was yummy. I was glad we bought the powdered sugar.
If you are interested in making your own, don't by the kit. Not worth it. I looked online and you can make your own batter and then do without the metal ring it came with.
This was fun and better than waiting in line at a fair or theme park (which I never seem to go to anymore).

Where I live we have parking passes on our cars. Supposedly, if you don't have the parking pass you have to put a piece of paper with the address you are visiting in your car or they will tow you.
I didn't think they actually did this.
I never saw anyone looking at the cars. 
But they do - must do it at night!

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