Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gingerbread House

Usually I don’t do much of anything during the work week. I typically go to work and then come home.
For one, I figure if I don’t go anywhere I wont spend any money.
Two, I’m usually too exhausted from work to do anything.
And three, it is too freaking hot to be going outside!
Plus, I feel bad Wyatt is home alone in the stinky apartment all by himself.
This is the reason why I don’t really blog much during the work week. I lead a boring life as you can tell. Luckily, I like boring and predictable – at least Monday through Friday.

Matt feels I should make something up and blog so he has something to read.

Ha ha ha!
Like I have a good imagination or something!
I would have to pull stuff out of books and movies!
I have never been a good liar. I doubt I would even be a good liar online. Besides, I don’t want to lie. I started this blog to keep my family and friends updated on what is going on with me and I do not feel like making stuff up just to please my readers – MATT!

When talking to him today he asked me when I would write another blog.
I told him I didn’t know.
What was his response you wonder?
“Can’t you write something?”
Well Matt, you got your wish.
I am blogging.
And even better then me JUST blogging, I actually did something so I would have something to write about.
And get this, I already have planned what I am going to blog about tomorrow since I am going somewhere while at work. I also have a small itinerary for us this weekend while you are here so I am sure I will have some blog worthy items.

But on to today’s lovely post….
Over the Christmas season I bought a gingerbread “house” to build. I brought it to my mom’s house to build when I bought it, but we ended up doing hers since hers was already built. Since she was cleaning out her laundry area, she told me to take it home or throw it out. I took it home. Duh!
(Sorry this is blurry!)
Looks nice on the box, right?
Seems like it would be easy to build, right?
I suggest always buying pre-built gingerbread “houses” even if they do cost a few extra dollars.
Scroll down to see why.

So I take everything out of the box and then I read the directions on how to prepare the icing glue. I decided to mix it in a bowl with my purple spatula from IKEA. Look what happened!
The icing glue was too tough for my spatula and it snapped in half. I wasn''t happy, but I wasn't mad either. I took my half spatula and scooped the mess into the icing bag to assemble my "house".

Here's my "house" after the bottom portion was glued together. Notice the large squares on the sides already have icing on them. (I messed up and thought they were the sides of the "house" at first. Oops!)
Looking down into the "house".
And a minute later, I must have huffed and puffed because my house started to fall down.
Had to use more icing glue to put it back together again.

Once the roof was on I started to frost glue the top so I could decorate it.
That's when the roof started to fall.
So I used my hands in an attempt to salvage it.
I don't enjoy being this messy so I gave up!
Into the garbage the "house" went.
I would have finished it if this was December and not June.
Today, since I am not in the holiday mood, I did not have patients for my gingerbread "house".
I never opened the candy - I will save them for this year's gingerbread house which will be pre-assembled.
Our house will have the prettiest roof this year!

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