Saturday, June 5, 2010

Downtown Louisville

Matt and I have already done our first "trip" to downtown Louisville today. Now we are at home relaxing before we go back. We parked in a paid parking lot that said $5 for all day - we asked if that meant we could leave and come back. The lady said yes. I have a feeling she will not be there when we go back, but hopefully we don't have to pay again. Where we parked is very close to where we already went and where we plan on going this evening. 
I am all about convenience - and cheap!

Before blogging about anything we did, I want to post some pictures of what we saw when we walked around this morning.  I am glad we got there early and walked first because now it is hot! The high today is suppose to be 91 degrees and while I don't think we have gotten there yet, I do believe it is like 88 degrees currently.
(My thermostat claims it is 96.8)

Let me begin with pictures of neat buildings.
Notice the old buildings in comparison to the new ones..
They sure made them A LOT smaller then they do now!
I think it would be neat to live in one of them.
Only if I had an assigned parking spot, central air, and I didn't hear any noise from outside of course.
Oh, and it has to be affordable, but look like I paid a nice chunck of change.

Check out all the red penguins on this building.
I should have read the sign to see why they are there.
See the white sign on the window of the bottom corner of the building?
I should have seen it earlier so I could have read it.
What do you think of the chandelier outside?
I think it is crazy!
A weird place to put one if you ask me.
I'm curious if they take it inside on stormy days.
To me, it looks too heavy.
What do I know though?!?!

I love how these look.
I like how they are connected - all different.

I like the fake "people" in these windows.
Looks like the fake "people" are living it up in style!

Beautiful attention to details.

We saw this next statue as we were walking around.
Not sure what he is suppose to stand for - I just thought he was neat looking.

As we were headed to the car I noticed a fat looking pole with these etches on all the sides. There was 7 of them, but over time the sun had warped 3 of them so I only took pictures of these 4.
Hope you enjoyed the things I saw while walking around this morning.
I'll be sure to post what we did soon.
Maybe right after this posting actually - I think Matt fell asleep.

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