Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bree Tanner and Funnel Cake

Did you go buy your copy of "the short second life of bree tanner" yet?
It came out yesterday...
If you are a TRUE Twilight fan, you did.
(LOL... just joking!)
I, on the other hand, HAD to go get mine yesterday!
It was on sale for $8.50 at Target.
I plan on reading mine this evening.
I'll probably read all or most of it in one sitting.
I am going to get in the bath and fully relax.
I am very excited about this!

Look what we bought at the World Market.
Funnel Cake!
Whoo hoo!
I hope this is yummy!
(Check out my nosey dog... wanted to smell.)

We went to the World Market in search of Twilight Jones soda, but they did not have them. I will check out the World Market by my mom next time I am there. After that, I give up.

I have tomatoes!
I picked about 6 and ate them.


  1. Your tomatoes are so cute!
    Did you have a coupon for the funnel cake maker? LOL

  2. I saw this book in the bookstore and thought of you! I wondered if you would 'break' down and buy it or wait until you could find a "steal of a deal". June 30th....Eclipe is out...can't wait! I absolutely LOVED that book, so I hope the movie with keep pace with my expectations....I have my doubts!


  3. Mom, of coure I had a coupon! $5 off $15 :)
    You know I don't buy without one!

    You can read the book online for free on her website - it is a quick read. Ecipse is my favorite too, but I fear the movie wont meet my expectations. We will see though. :)