Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apartment Drama

Possible great news!

But first:
This picture has nothing to do with what I am writing about, but when I was trying to look for a good picture I came across this beauty!
Ha ha ha!
Too funny!
My grandpa would get a kick out of this!
I can hear his laugh already.
(He told us the story about Muscles.... the Chihuahua dog.)

I talked to the property manager where I live 2 days ago and the apartment I want to move into is being painted and cleaned right now. Should be able to move in this weekend. However, when I called her yesterday, she said I would have to sign a new lease.
I am not doing that!
I refuse!
I told her had I of known that before I would have broke my lease a few months ago and moved somewhere else completely. She asked me when my lease is up and I told her. She asked if I was planning on moving then to which I replied no, but if I have the same issues I like knowing my lease will be over and I can move out.
She is supposed to talk to the owner on Thursday and then let me know.
This is not my fault!
If he is an understanding man he will let me move with the same lease date. Fingers crossed!
If I do end up moving I will not have to pay new deposits and I can do a walk through on Thursday.

Yesterday morning when I was walking Wyatt I decided to peek into the windows of the apartment. The carpet looks newer which is good. The floor plan is a little different, but has more closets. I like how my washer and dryer will be in the hallway - will help me out a bunch!

I think this move will be for the best. I really, really do. I just hope I no longer smell cigarette smoke.
If I do have to sign a new lease, I want out of my lease with my deposits back. I have no problem looking for a new place to live. I don’t want it to come to that, but I will do it.

Drama in my life seems to be never ending doesn’t it?

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