Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Apartment Drama

Possible great news!

But first:
This picture has nothing to do with what I am writing about, but when I was trying to look for a good picture I came across this beauty!
Ha ha ha!
Too funny!
My grandpa would get a kick out of this!
I can hear his laugh already.
(He told us the story about Muscles.... the Chihuahua dog.)

I talked to the property manager where I live 2 days ago and the apartment I want to move into is being painted and cleaned right now. Should be able to move in this weekend. However, when I called her yesterday, she said I would have to sign a new lease.
I am not doing that!
I refuse!
I told her had I of known that before I would have broke my lease a few months ago and moved somewhere else completely. She asked me when my lease is up and I told her. She asked if I was planning on moving then to which I replied no, but if I have the same issues I like knowing my lease will be over and I can move out.
She is supposed to talk to the owner on Thursday and then let me know.
This is not my fault!
If he is an understanding man he will let me move with the same lease date. Fingers crossed!
If I do end up moving I will not have to pay new deposits and I can do a walk through on Thursday.

Yesterday morning when I was walking Wyatt I decided to peek into the windows of the apartment. The carpet looks newer which is good. The floor plan is a little different, but has more closets. I like how my washer and dryer will be in the hallway - will help me out a bunch!

I think this move will be for the best. I really, really do. I just hope I no longer smell cigarette smoke.
If I do have to sign a new lease, I want out of my lease with my deposits back. I have no problem looking for a new place to live. I don’t want it to come to that, but I will do it.

Drama in my life seems to be never ending doesn’t it?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Worked Overtime

Whoo hoo!

I actually went into work today and did 7 - YES 7 - hours of overtime!
I am slowly paying off my root canal. I will have to go in on another Sunday soon to make even more money. I did the math and I will need to work a WHOLE LOTTA hours. :( I can do it over the summer thankfully since we are being hit hard right now at work.
It was not bad at all actually. When I first got there only D was there which was nice. We chatted some as we worked and when we weren't talking, it was peaceful - no phones ringing, no customers, and best of all, no annoying co-workers. So stress free -  I was beginning to think that was impossible! A few hours later another one of our co-workers came in. She is quiet so she didn't bother me. 2 hours before I left, another lady came in.
All quiet people! - D told me if I had came in yesterday I would not have liked all the talking. So I made the right decision on which day to come in - worked out for me.
I got TONS of work done! I am almost fully caught up. I feel great! Of course, I would have had more fun laying around the house all day but at least I was making money. :)

I stopped and got some doughnuts on my way. I felt I deserved a nice treat for going in on a Sunday. Like I always say, I need to go on a diet. Why on Earth can't I get motivated?

I did almost everything I wanted to do this weekend.
I watched "Avatar" (awesome movie) and "When in Rome"
Watched more episodes of Weeds - almost done with season 3 now
Took a long bath and read my book
Cleaned my kitchen and both bathrooms
Cooked breakfast and lunch yesterday
Did 1 load of laundry
Went to Kroger again
Organized my 2 smaller binders into my 2 larger binders along with other stuff I found in my desk - now I'm all organized

The only thing I didn't do was wash my bed linens. I will do this right after work tomorrow. I hate sleeping in a dirty bed.
Well, it is already 10PM and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Good night!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nothing Much To Do :)

How do you picture a relaxing weekend?
Do you picture yourself laying in bed watching TV?
Laying outside by a pool - or even by the backdoor?
Both are great options.
However, I picture two different scenarios.

The first scenario consists of sightseeing, eating somewhere new, and shopping till I can't shop anymore. This is my ideal vacation which I will go on one of these days. It is also what I like to do when Matt is here visiting for the weekend. Living here can still feel like a vacation since I have not seen everything there is to see yet.

The second scenario - which I will be doing (mostly) this weekend - is absolutely nothing.
Translation: I want to do things I am to lazy to do during the week after work. (Although I do watch a lot of TV these days.)
Ha ha ha!
I do not want to leave the house unless I have to leave - such as going to Walgreens this evening to return the movies I rented.

Today I plan on:

Watching "When in Rome" and "Avatar"
Taking a long bubble bath while finishing "Three Weeks With My Brother" then starting "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas"
And hanging out with my favorite little guy.

The non-relaxing tasks I need to complete are working on Sunday (4 or 5 hours to help pay for my dental bill since I don't want to touch my savings account) and organizing my binder for work. I need to go from these 2 smaller binders on the left and in the the middle to the large one I bought on the right.

I also need to do some cleaning - vacuum, dishes, the kitchen and clean both bathrooms - will finish as much as possible for 1 hour. I am sure I can get everything done in this amount of time though. The longest part will be cleaning the toilets and tub.
See, the kitchen isn't bad... just need to clear the counters and wipe them down.

Yesterday I went to Kroger and bought all the groceries I need so I am good to go. Wild caught Alaskan Salmon was $3.99 a pound! Sale is good through today if you are interested.
Last night and this morning I watched about 8 episodes of "Weeds" - now I am one Season 3, Episode 5.
Have you seen that show?
I love it!
The first 2 episodes I saw a few weeks ago did not have me hooked, but once I got to episode 4 - I was all into it! Luckily I have one year of free Showtime and since the show's new season will be airing soon they have all 5 seasons On Demand meaning I can watch all the episodes whenever I want until August 31.
If you haven't seen the show, you should check it out. It is funny!
It's mostly about a lady named Nancy who resorts to selling Weed after her husband dies to make ends meet. I truly did not think I would like the show, but it has proved me wrong. Each episode makes me want to see more which keeps me watching more. They always seem to leave each episode with a small cliffhanger to keep people tuned in.

You will be proud to know I finally updated/jazzed up my resume - my current job at least. I felt it lacked something to be desired and maybe that is why I have not been getting calls about my resume. Hopefully this helps me resume get out there more then it already is. I would love to get a job offer with better pay. Right now I live month to month with not a whole lot leftover. I would like to save more money or put a dent into my student loans. I also have dreams of owning my own home sometime in the near future and I am not so sure I can afford what I want on the paycheck I make now. I could be wrong, but I don't want to be house poor if you know what I mean.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wyatt And His Drops

My mouth is feeling okay today. I have still been taking it easy and trying not to chew on that side. I know I will have to start using it again - I just need the fear of pain to go away first. I still have some soreness around the tooth and on my cheeks. Still can't fully open my mouth without it hurting.
I can honestly say I was happy not to have swelling this morning.
The dental assistant called today to check up on me. I know they do this for all their patients, but I liked the gesture. Of course, I was working when she called so she got my voicemail. I did leave her a message saying I was doing well.
Now the countdown starts for the time when my temporarily crown comes off and the actual crown comes on. I hope this is not painful. I am wondering how they get my temporarily crown off.
Do you think they use the drill again?
Surely it doesn't just pop off. On the reading material they gave me it said if it does come off I need to pop it back in immediately and call them ASAP to have it applied back on. (And you were wondering why I am apprehensive of chewing on that side.)
I would think drilling it off would be the only way. I could look this information up online or ask Heather, but to be honest with you, I'd rather not know. I do know I will bring my IPOD with me on my next visit so I don't have to hear any of the sounds. I am going to be a big girl next visit and not get the "happy gas."

Good thing I decided to give Wyatt his Advantage drops on someone's birth day. I swear it is the only way I remember to do it. I don't want him getting worms again or fleas for that matter. Hope you are good about remembering your dog's treatment day. In the past I used to forget and I would just guess when I think I last applied the medicine. I can assure this is not the best method. I suppose writing it on a calender would work - assuming you look at your calender. I am not so good at this - unless it is my calender at work which I constantly look at for one reason or another. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feeling Numb

I had my root canal today.
You jealous?

I went in there a little brave, but mostly scared.
I requested the $30 extra charge for the "nose" aka "happy gas".
I felt it was worth every penny!
It completely helped me relax and not fret too much about what was going on inside my mouth. I also had a great dental assistant working on my mouth. I had no idea just how much they do.... I had just assumed they only passed the tools to the dentist.
I was wrong! I should have known this considering my BFF is a dental assistant!
The dental assistant offered me everything before the work started from sun glasses to an IPOD to help make my visit more "enjoyable". She was very good at helping me feel comfortable. The whole experience lasted almost 2 hours. Such a LONG time!
It wasn't bad in the end.
It seemed to take a long time, but it didn't at the same time. I wish I could have fell asleep. I wonder if anyone ever does? Hmmm...
Once I got in the chair she explained to me what would happened. She then looked at my teeth and gave me the "nose" followed by some sort of gel along the gums where the shots would be given to me. Once the dentist got there, I got 2 or 3 shots to numb the area. Followed by a little more waiting and then some probing to see if I could feel anything - thankfully, I couldn't.
I tried to keep my eyes closed the whole time. I was nice and dopey so this task wasn't too hard. On the TV, the dental assistant had on HGTV which I was happy to half listen to - this channel was already on when I got there - like I said, I liked her.
Besides the TV, I heard the drill and whatever else they used and the assistant and dentist kept telling me what they were doing. All I could feel were vibrations.
I would recommend them. This was a very good experience for me considering why I was there in the first place.
Of course, now I am $711 poorer!
All is good though - that's why I have a savings account. Just sucks to have to use the money on something you don't want. I'm glad I did it right away so I would not talk myself out of getting in done. who knows, I may have never done it and then had an even worse problem.
I go back in 3 weeks for my crown.

After the dentist, I felt well enough to stop at a few stores.
First stop... Hobby Lobby for 80% off all clearance.
I saw a few things I wanted, but since I just spent $700 I figured I would only buy this pumpkin to go with my other one. It's not as cute, but for $3 it will work for what I want it for. It looks like it is a defect - should have more shiny stuff and not just a few spots. Do you see what I mean?
I treated myself to some cherries from Sam's. I also stopped at Wendy's to get some fries since I figured they would be easy to eat. When I got to the window she started handing me a soda. Before grabbing it, I told her I order fries. She apologized and offered me the drink for free,
You know I took it!
It was a Sprite after all.
I'm stilll slowly drinking it! I am being careful not to eat or drink on that side of my mouth. Still kinda numb along with a little pain. I don't think I'll brush that side either.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

H*O*T Spells HOT!

My title explains this weekend.
I barely wanted to leave the house.
The humidity was awful.

Matt came down for the weekend which was nice for me. I am glad I didn't have to make the drive this weekend. (I took a nap before he got here - just goes to tell you how long of a day I endured.)
Friday when he got here we just sat around watching TV (I saw the Travel Channel episode of the VARSITY Restaurant in Atlanta we went to last July) since he did not get in till 9. This was fine by me. I feel like I had a long work week. More and more people keep getting new jobs and we aren't getting new employees to replace them so of course there work load falls on those of us who are left.
I'm not complaining though.
God blessed me with the job I have and I do like my job.

Moving on...
Saturday I had planned on us going to Maker's Mark distillery tour or the zoo, but again, look at my title.
Once we finally left the house (to venture out for food) we went to lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe followed by shopping at Harley Davidson, CVS, Sam's, and Kroger.
(Mom, I tried to get a hold of you so you could meet Matt with G's card and gift, but now we will have to set up another day.)

When we got to Lynn's, we got lucky to get a parking spot. We got there around 11 and the palce was already packed! We were told there was a 20 minutes wait. We got lucky when one of the hostess told us there were 2 available seats at the bar. Obviously we decided to take them since we hadn't ate breakfast.
I would have liked to take some pictures inside the place - too many people around. Next time maybe.

This was actually running water!
Made me want to take a bubble bath!
Doesn't it look inviting? Maybe I need one of these for my home....
Just joking!
All over town are horses... I'm sure you have seen them in my other posts... this one is 'Lynn's Paradise Cafe' unique what with its electric plug tail. I saw this horse last time I was here - somehow missed the tail. I was afraid to pick it up at first - I don't think anyone noticed I touched it though.

This is what I decided to order... the top item - Bourbon Ball French toast.
Sounds intriguing.
(Should have got a picture of the whole blurb so you could read the items in it.)
When we first sat down I saw a guy at the table next to us with this meal. I told Matt we needed to figure out what it was so we could get it. That's how good it looked!
It was yummy!
A bit overpriced to me. But I suppose, you are paying for the name since it has been on TV.
We plan on coming here for lunch/dinner one day to try one of those meals.

At CVS I had $8 in Rewards to use so I bought 2 packages of Aqua Globes to help water my plants when I forget or when I am out of town. I imagine these must be on clearance since I have seen them at the store recently for $10. Even Target sells there own brand of these for $5 each. I haven't used them yet so not sure if they will work. Fingers crossed!
I also bought a plant at Kroger.
Only needs low sunlight.
To me, that means easier to maintain since I like my home with blinds closed during the day.
I took about 5 minutes picking out this perfect plant!

For lunch today we made homemade meatball subs.
Meaning, we made our own meatballs! And let me tell you - they were delicious! I was impressed! I thought they would be a little blah, but they weren't.
I meant to take a picture of the completed product. I guess I was so hungry I forgot.
You do get to see the ingredients that are left after I placed are sandwiches in the oven to fully melt together.

How we made the meatball subs

For the meatballs -
In a bowl, combine:
1 egg
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1/4 chopped onions

After combining all ingredients, add 1 pound of lean ground beef.
Roll into balls and place on baking sheet lined with foil for easy cleanup.
Cook for 25 - 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Remove from oven.

Bake a loaf of french bread sliced into 4 sections for 5 - 6 minutes at 400 degrees.
Remove from oven.

Take a section of bread and load with meatballs, provolone cheese, and sauce.
Bake for 5 - 7 minutes at 400 degrees until cheese melts.

Eat and enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Novacaine Please

Went to the dentist today for a cleaning.
I had made the appointment about 3 weeks earlier because I felt I had a cavity.
Boy was that an understatement...
I have one cavity and one tooth that needs a root canal!
The appointment is set for early next week. I figured I might as well get it done and over with before I change my mind.
I just seem to have one case of bad luck after another!
I know it is all my own fault though. I need to brush my teeth better. So now I gotta shell out about $700.
Guess I will be working overtime in the coming weeks to pay for all this since I refuse to touch my savings account. Good thing we are being offered unlimited overtime probably all summer due to how busy we are and how short staffed we are at the moment.
On the plus side, I really liked the lady who cleaned my teeth. I thought the dentist was nice too. I trust them to do a good job on my mouth.
I really liked how convenient the location was! I did not know where exactly they were located prior to calling them from my insurance's website. In fact, they were my second choice - my first choice didn't answer the phone when I called. Their loss! They could have made $700 from me in addition to the $1300 or so my insurance company is paying. I'm glad they didn't answer the phone.
I need to book an eye exam now and I will be all set!

Switching subjects...
I tried to get Wyatt a grooming appointment for when I go home in a few weeks, but they are all booked up. I do need to find somewhere local to take him. I just hate to try somewhere new. No one I know who lives close to me has a dog they take somewhere to be groomed so I have no one to ask for a referral. When it is cooler I can take him to the park and ask someone there I suppose. That does not help me now though. I might have to make a special trip home to get his hair cut. I don't want his hair to grow long and make him hotter.

P.S. I am watching Twilight on Showtime for the hundredth time!!!
One of the best movies ever!
I should be updating my resume!
Tomorrow is a new day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Was It The Heat?


I am not sure what was wrong with me yesterday. I had a very busy day at the office and just wanted to come home. Of all days, my boss asks us all to stay late so we can have a meeting. Always the same stuff – nothing new.
Once it got out, I left about 20 minutes later then I normally do. I stopped at Walgreens (Got another razor with my coupon and another binder which I plan on organizing this weekend) then went home to take Wyatt out and relax.
When I went back in the house after taking him to the side of the house to go potty I cut a slice of watermelon and sat in my chair after changing into light clothes. Still overheated I turned my standing fan on high and pointed it at me.
I felt I could not cool down!
So then I decided to take a cool bath. That did help some, but not enough to make me feel better. I got out of the tub and laid in bed.
Fell right asleep.
Woke up around 9:30 PM then went back to sleep.
Still was not feeling well.
I was fine this morning and right now so not sure what happened. Maybe I did just get overheated. I am doubtful though since it has been very hot for awhile now. Who knows… I am just glad this didn’t happen again today. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again at all.
It was not a good feeling.
Has this ever happened to you?
Perhaps I ate something bad – would it take a few hours to affect you?

Here, where I live, they are re-roofing the roofs. They have trailers of stuff parked in the parking lot and one of them had this sign on it.

I thought it was cute!

I wish you could buy SOMETHING/ANYTHING for 5 cents – not realistic anymore.
I remember being in music class in the 4th grade and our teacher telling us how she remembered buying a slice of pizza, coke and candy bar after school for 25 cents.

I can’t even imagine!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Walgreens and CVS Deals

It has been awhile since Walgreens has made me happy enough to shop 4 separate times in one day. I have had a wonderful experience filled with good deals. I could have spent a little less out of pocket, but since I had stopped here after work and hadn’t looked at blogs yet, I didn’t realize there was more then body wash I could buy.
(I should have looked more closely at the ad as well.)

Transaction 1:
Nivea Body Wash For Men $5.99
- $3.00 coupon
= $2.99 and got back $6 in Register Rewards ($3.01 PROFIT)

2 Tab Dividers (for work) on clearance $0.30
PAID $4.09
Could have waited on the dividers, but didn’t know I would be going back so soon. I didn’t want to wait and then they run out. I liked how cheap these were for work.

 Transaction 2:
Schick 5 Bland Razor $7.99
- $4.00 coupon
= $3.99 and got back $5 Register Rewards ($1.01 PROFIT)

Envelopes on clearance $0.62
Q-tips $1.99
PAID $1.24 after previous $6 Register Rewards
Again, could have spent less on last purchase by buying dividers here and something small, but I can always use Q-tips.

Transaction 3:
5 $0.99 Hallmark cards and got back $4 Register Rewards
PAID $1.25 after previous $5 Register Rewards

Transaction 4:
Nivea Body Wash For Men $5.99
- $3.00 coupon
= $2.99 and got back $6 in Register Rewards ($3.01 PROFIT)

2” Binder (for work) on clearance $2.29
PAID $1.78 after previous $4 Register Rewards

In the end, I spent a total of $8.36 and still have $6 register Rewards left!!!
Not too shabby for me!
If I wasn’t in a hurry, as usual, I could have spent a little less, but I am okay with how I did. I feel I got a lot. I still have one more coupon for another razor and I plan on getting 5 more cards for my stock and then I will be done for the week. If you really think about, I had planned on spending about $5 for a binder (really needed one) so if you look at it that way, I did excellent!

As you can see, the best way to spend less money is to make several purchases. I could have combined a few, but didn’t feel like dealing with so much math today.
Ha ha ha!

But for you, mom, and others, I have a beginners tutorial for you to spend little money and not use any coupons.

Transaction 1:
Buy 5 $0.99 hallmark cards
Spend about $5 plus tax
Get back $4 Register Rewards

Transaction 2:
Buy Nivea Body Wash For Men $5.99
Use previous Register Rewards
Spend about $2 plus tax
Get back $6 Register Rewards

Transaction 3:
Buy 5 $0.99 hallmark cards
Buy anything you like over $1.01
Use previous Register Rewards
Spending depends on what you buy – they have clearance items
Get back $4 Register Rewards

Now you have $4 to use on more items or to wait and see if there are any good deals next week. You could buy another body wash if you like them.
Best of luck!

I also went to CVS
Gillette Body Wash $3.99
Used Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon
Paid $4.48 and got back $8 to spend on my next visit.

In other news...
Last night after letting Wyatt out I noticed something move underneath the stairs as I was going up to my apartment.
Of course I had to go get my camera to show you.
He was a big one!
I am sure they are common, but how weird is it that I have seen frogs at both of the apartments I have lived in? Not once can I remember seeing frogs at my house growing up. Crazy!
Maybe it's the same one and he is following me.
Just kidding!
This one is much larger then the last one I saw.

Poor Wyatt couldn't figure out why we stopped in the middle of the stairs.
He's not used to this.
After going potty, he just wants to go in the house, get a cookie, and go to sleep!
Can't you tell he is trying to tell me it is bed time?
HEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOO!!! We have a schedule!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopped Till I Almost Dropped

We had planned on going to the drive-in movie theatre, but with the temperature at 99 degrees – we passed. It was awful just walking from the car to the stores we went into due to the heat mixed with high humidity. When we got back into town at 9:30 last night – it was still 86 degrees!
I would have like to go to the zoo as well, but forget that idea. 

We did however go to A BUNCH of stores shopping for nothing in particular.
Hobby Lobby
Sonic (Happy Hour Drinks!)
Sam’s Club
Pei Wei (Dinner)
Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s
Those are just the places Matt and I went to in the big city! I did more before I even left town.
I was one busy shopping lady!

While in BAM, I went into the store ahead of Matt while he did whatever outside. When he found me, he said – “I should have known you wouldn’t be looking at the regular priced books.”
Ha ha ha!
Sometimes, he knows me so well!
Of course I always go to the clearance book selection first!
I like a good deal! Books are way overpriced in my opinion. Why should I pay $15 when I can wait and get them for $5? Or an even better deal when I buy used?
I did go to 3 Goodwill stores this weekend - only found 3 good books. I need more! I will have to keep searching. I did email a lady about 2 books she is selling online that I wanted to buy. She emailed me back saying she still has them, but when I tried to setup a time to meet, she has yet to email me back. I really want these books! I emailed her from another email address last night so hopefully she will respond. (She still hasn’t!) If she does, Matt, I hope you will get them for me.
Please, please, please – with a cherry on top!

Wanna see my 2 best buys from yesterday?
Probably not!
He he he!
I have nothing else to blog about so I’ll show you them.

I am loving this pumpkin I bought for $8.16 from Hobby Lobby (75% off).
Check out the swirls! I could have got a spotted one, but this one is much cuter - more me!
Normally, I am too cheap to spend that much money on a holiday decoration, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it in the store.
Besides, it is more then a holiday decoration – it a seasonal decoration. I’ll get use out of this August through November. Even longer this year since I plan on displaying it proudly on my dresser.

While in Hobby Lobby I saw all sorts of neat craft ideas. I need to make a list of the things I want to make and get busy making them. I already have an idea for my old Scrabble game - I will have to find one more at Goodwill or a yardsale.
I also need a craft room one day so I c. an have a big table! Of course, my kitchen table works great for now.

These are my new shoes from Sears… Reg. $70 – I paid $30

I liked them even before I saw the price tag.
P.S. Wyatt finally started to sleep in his new sock monkey bed!
I knew he would!
(He’s not sleeping in either picture because he almost always hears when the camera comes on. I can assure you he had a very tiring weekend and needs his beauty sleep.)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sock Monkey Dog Bed

I was a little hesitant when I went into Walgreens yesterday to use 3- $8 Register Rewards – 2 of them had expired 2 days ago. I had read on other blogs Walgreens would still accept them. I decided to try this theory out if one of the nicer 2 cashiers were working.
As luck would have it, one of them was!
I walked around the story in a hurry picking out items. I should have been more practical with a few of my items, but I figured – “why not?” Besides, I wasn’t even sure if I would be buying them (I wasn’t buying them if my register rewards didn’t work).
When checking out, I decided not to draw attention to the fact that they were expired since I wanted to see if the cash register would accept them without the cashier doing anything.... you know, for future possible use. 
They did!
Didn’t beep or anything!
I wish I had known this sooner because on 2 other occasions I have had smaller amounts of register rewards expire ($1 the first time and then $2 the second time). It's frustrating when they expire, but I have no one to blame except myself.

One of the items I bought was this $12.99 dog bed for Wyatt.
Isn't it cute?
(Not that he really needed it since he already has 2 dog beds.)
Wyatt is checking it out and wondering if it is "cool" enough for him.
He's not so sure of it yet. could be because it doesn't smell like home. I know he will warm up to it eventually.
I love that it has a head, arms, and even a tail!
Every time we went into Walgreens Matt would comment how much Wyatt would like this bed. The fact is, Matt likes this dog bed. LOL!
So far, Wyatt has yet to lay in it.
I brought it into the bathroom for my shower this evening to see if he would use it.
As you can tell, he didn’t – he laid in his usual spot by the bath tub and the toilet.

Did you check your mail today?
Look what I got in mine today.
It was addressed to “Our friend @ my address” – no official name so I am assuming they sent it to everyone. Wonder what I will buy?
I should buy a new bra or shirt for work.
I tend to buy kitchen or bathroom stuff whenever I get these coupons though.
We will see. I might wait to use it this weekend. It will give me something to buy. I'm sure I'll post what I use mine on.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kate Plus 8

I truly meant to post this yesterday - I wrote it when I first got home from
work. I was going to write more after I ate dinner, but I decided to go sleep at 7:30. Well, actually, I went to lay down and ended up crashing. I didn't even wake up until my normal time. I thought for sure I would wake up after a few hours if I did fall asleep.
Oh well.
Just goes to show how my work is stresses me out and making me tired. I feel
the same way today - will not go to bed too early though. I felt way too groggy this morning to do that again. (For lunch I was bad and bought a Snickers ice cream bar, Oreos, and Rice Krispie treat - I was feeling unhappy. I am an emotional eater.)
The following is my post I meant to display yesterday:
(I didn't change anything.)

I finished my book in one bath.
Granted, my bath is longer than the average person's bath, but it still wasn't that long of a book.
It was a good read, but not really worth the money. However, being that I am addicted to Twilight, it was worth it to me though. I gotta have all her books!
Just ask Matt!

Kate Plus Eight premiered on TLC last night.
Of course I watched it! Did you really think I wouldn’t? I tried to not watch…
At this point, I feel I have too much time invested into this family not to watch. I used to be addicted to this show – not as addicted as I am to Twilight though. It used to come on Monday evenings and no matter I was doing, I would always be home in time to watch it. Used to drive Matt nuts!
Think what you want about Kate, but at least she is providing for her family. The kids were all so cute – just like they always were. Mady is still is brat! She would drive me nuts if I had to be around her. I thought this episode would be about Kate bad mouthing Jon, but she surprised me by not really saying anything negative about him. Surprise, surprise, right?

We decided to make our funnel cake before Matt left yesterday.
Very yummy!
Nice and cakey!
It made 4. We ended up throwing the last one away since we had more than enough. We both got stuffed on funnel cake. I can assure you it was yummy. I was glad we bought the powdered sugar.
If you are interested in making your own, don't by the kit. Not worth it. I looked online and you can make your own batter and then do without the metal ring it came with.
This was fun and better than waiting in line at a fair or theme park (which I never seem to go to anymore).

Where I live we have parking passes on our cars. Supposedly, if you don't have the parking pass you have to put a piece of paper with the address you are visiting in your car or they will tow you.
I didn't think they actually did this.
I never saw anyone looking at the cars. 
But they do - must do it at night!