Thursday, May 13, 2010

Twice I Gave Blood

Looking back, I can see how this is funny.... at the time, I did not find it very funny at all. I was kinda mad actually.

Yesterday after work I went to have blood drawn for my upcoming doctor appointment. I went right after work and waited to be called for about 30 minutes. She took 3 tubes of blood. (This was a different nurse then last time - I liked her a lot too.... she talked to me while drawing my blood just like I asked.)
I left the office, went home, took Wyatt out, then checked my phone. I had two missed calls from a number I did not recognize and a voicemail. So I listened to my voicemail - it was from the nurse who took my blood. She said to give her a call back. I called back and was asked if I had ate during the day. I said yes, and asked if that was okay. Apparently I wasn't suppose to eat anything all day!
She said I needed to stop eating at midnight the day before I come in and could I come into the office within the next few days. I agreed to come in today (the next day).
I wanted to go after work but she kept asking me if I was sure since I would have to stop eating at midnight and I would probably be very hungry if I waited until the end of the day. I said I was sure - she told me to think about it and let her know. I decided to be their first appointment at 9 AM. I know how grumpy I get if I am too hungry and I figured work would think I was just trying to leave early.
So today I get up and call into work telling them I am going to be late and I read and take my time getting ready.
Nice and relaxing!
I get to the doctor's office around 9:10 AM and it is not open yet. Luckily I had my book. So I started to read figuring maybe they don't open until 9:30. However, at 9:35 they are still not open. I walk back to the elevators and call. They are there and I said I would "be on my way". I read another chapter and then went back to the office.
Anyways, I gave 2 tubes of blood this time.
In the same arm!
What a day for me!
I will say I am starting to get used to them drawing blood. I am not as scared as I was the first time they did it. Don't get my wrong, I still don't enjoy it... it is just not as awful as I used to picture it.

It was nice going into work late though. Made my day go so fast not showing up until 11 AM. I even treated myself to chicken nuggets and fries from Burger King and a Route 44 Sprite Zero add cherry from Sonic on my way into the office. (My work diet buddy then wanted a soda when she saw mine!) I knew I was not going to be taking a lunch break - I had a lot to accomplish and not a lot of time; especially since I was wanting to leave on time - right on the dot.

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