Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally Got Some Exercise

Wyatt and I walked this evening!

Go us!

I want to drive it tomorrow and see how far it is. We just took the sidewalks around where I live since the local park I tried to go to yesterday around 8 PM (when it cooled down outside) was already closed. I am glad we went. I feel good about myself! I am still trying to lose weight, but cannot manage to stop eating so I am going to really put some effort into walking everyday. Wyatt and I both need the exercise and the time outside.
It was a peaceful walk. I guess I have to give credit to this town for having sidewalks around there neighborhoods.
I took a shower when I got home since I was stinky.

I started my second Nicholas Sparks book today - 'Nights is Rodanthe' which I am loving! I have already read the first 90 pages. I lost all track of time. ‘The Wedding’ was a good book, however, it did not capture my attention as well as this one is now.

Nights in Rodanthe is about a woman who is tending a friend's inn for the weekend in order to escape problems in her life, and meets a man going through his own crisis of conscience, who is the only guest at the inn.

Boy am I glad I went to Goodwill over the weekend! I go there often for books, but I never get THIS lucky! Usually I only find 3 or 4 books at a time. Sometimes they have nothing good. I have been introduced to some of my favorite authors from buying cheap books here though. I suppose I could check out books for free at the library...

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