Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Tomatoes Are Growing

For you haters (Matt) who thought I would kill my tomato plants, I am proving you wrong!
My wonderful tomato plans are doing well. They do look a little dry, but that is because I was gone for 3 days and they did not get any water. I am back to watering them daily so they will bounce back to normal in a few days. Fingers crossed for sun! It has been dreary since last Friday!
Look at my baby tomatoes starting to sprout!

There are several of them in about 4 spots. I can hardly wait until I am able to pick them and eat them… pesticide free!
I am very proud of them!
I plan on buying some pots and one or two jalapeno plants and a banana pepper plant from Lowe's in the next few days – maybe this weekend.
I bought a bunch of banana peppers from the farmers market last year and Maggie brought me some - I figure I might as well grow my own and save some money.
Maggie, I am going to miss your veggies! :(
One day I will own a house and have my own small garden and I will share with some of my friends. That would be nice. I can picture it already. I’ll be a mini farmer!
Ha ha ha!

Yesterday it rained off and on. Look at this beautiful rainbow I saw at one point:

It's hard to tell, but there is a lighter rainbow on top of the bright one. I was able to see both sides of the rainbow when looking at it. I tried to get the whole rainbow in one picture - I did not succeed at this task however.

I went and got an oil change after work. I got the vibe that the 2 guy working don't like each other. I heard one of the guys mumble under his breath that the other customer there was not the only customer here. I felt I was being taking care of just fine, but I know how it is when you are the one doing all the work while someone you work with is just sitting around talking all day. Guess it truly does happen everywhere!

Afterwards I went to (don’t shoot me) Wal-Mart (yes, I know I hate that store) to see if they had the new issue of “All You” magazine. I have to buy it there since it is only sold there.
Sadly, the new issue is not out yet.
I still somehow managed to spend $30 on 3 bags of food.
I don’t know how it happened.
(For the record, this is the only time I EVER go into Wal-Mart. I hate giving them my hard earned money.

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