Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jim Beam Distillery

I love weekends!

My favorite time of the week!
I’m sure almost everyone would respond the same way when asked about there favorite day(s) of week.

Friday after work I came home and took a very relaxing nap and bath in preparation for a fun-filled weekend with Matt. Due to work and other life obstacles, he did not get here until about 10 PM so we really just sat around the living room and chatted while watching TV. This is the norm for us. I like sitting around and doing nothing.


As usual, he brought me small gifts…
Coupon inserts from last week’s newspaper and Haribo gummy bears bought in Korea made in Germany. (His family went to Korea).
These taste WAY better then the Haribo gummy bears you buy here in the United States. They have better flavors and a little bit different texture. So good! And surprise, surprise – I did not eat them all in one sitting. I still have some left. Although now that I am writing about them, they seem to be calling my name. I will probably eat all or most of the bag tonight. He he he!

Saturday we went to the Jim Beam Distillery here in KY.
Compared to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery tour, this was a bit disappointing. We got there about 20 minutes to noon, showed our ids (to show we are over 21) and got wrist bands for the next tour which started at noon. We went outside, took a few pictures, and looked around the gift shop before the tour started.
The tour consisted of going to the building a few (about 30) feet away and looking at pictures in one room. Next we went to a second room and watched a short film on the history on the bourbon and how it is made. We then walked around the back of the gift shop and went in through the back doors. We got to sample two Jim Beam bourbons – Booker’s and Red Stag. Both smelt VERY strong and have high proofs. I sipped both to say I have tried them. I did not like either one.
Not at all!
Both were EXTREMLY strong tasting to me.
Not the best tour in the World, but worth seeing.
We were going to head onto Maker’s Mark Distillery, but it was too hot to be outside.

(I love all tours! Ever watch the show “Unwrapped”? It is one of my favorite non comedy shows. I find it very interesting how things are made.)

We just decided to shop and rent some movies.
We rented The Blind Side and Bad Lieutenant.

I absolutely fell in love with The Blind Side!
Such a great movie!
This is a must see! Very touching!
The Bad Lieutenant had no point – no story. At first we kept watching it thinking it would get better. Then we kept watching it because we felt we had invested so much time into the movie. And when I say “we”, I mean me.
Do not waste your time renting this one. Nicolas Cage was the main character in this movie – he usually picks good movies to be in. I was disappointed with his choice on this one.

Sunday Matt and I did more shopping. We went to the furniture warehouse here that advertised up to 80% this weekend only – opens once a year to the public... or so they say. They seemed to have some good deals, but I am only looking for a new couch. They did not seem to have many couches. Maybe they did initially – we may have been too late. I will definitely go to this sale again next year. I will be more prepared next year if I am wanting furniture.

Note to self, applied Wyatt’s Advantage today…. Remember to apply next dose on the 23rd.

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  1. A lot of the exhibits at Makers Mark are air conditioned... I wish you had gone! Make plans Jess! Miss you...