Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm $10 Richer

I would have wrote about this sooner but I didn’t want to say anything until I got my check in the mail…

About a month ago I went to a restaurant as a secret shopper.
(I signed up for this online and was a little hesitant about it being legit. If you are in the Louisville area I can email you the link to the websight.)
I had hoped I picked a weekend when Matt would be here so we could go together, but somehow I miss calculated and it was a weekend when I went home instead. Since I had to go to the restaurant, I went on a Sunday evening by myself after I drove home from my mom's house.

I had to order an appetizer, main entrée, and a desert. I was there at least an hour.
This was the first time I had ever gone to an actual restaurant (not fast food) by myself and I can honestly say it wasn’t a bad experience. I just ate and relaxed… of course I got lucky the hostess sat me in a good spot where only 2 other couples were near me and I was able to look into the kitchen. I did feel akward at first, but I was able to quickly get over it.
(This was not how I acted.)

After dinner I went home and took a survey about my experience. Very easy. I rated everything they asked and then wrote in a line or two about how I felt my evening was. The company even called me the following day about the one negative comment I wrote on my survey.Well, I got my check in the mail!

It covered the price of my meal plus $10!

I am very happy I went even though I was alone!
I love FREE meals and money making experiences!

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