Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Am Curious

I will blog about my brother's graduation tonight or tomorrow... I want to be at home so I can post a picture or two and since I forgot my camera cord, I am unable to do that at this particular moment. If I had my computer I could have placed my memory cad in it, but I left it behind so Matt could get online while he babysat our dogs.

Thank you once again!


For now, I will say, it was a nice graduation - not long at all.

Changing gears...
Got a call from the apartment manager where I live - she knew I would be out of town his weekend and even stated this fact on my voicemail before telling me to give her a call when I get home - the handicapped apartment is ready for me to view. She also said she spoke with the owner and may have another arrangement she would like to discuss with me.
I'll admit, I am a bit curious as to what she has to say.
It will have to wait until Monday. I have no desire to deal with my apartment issues this weekend.

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