Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation Weekend

I meant to post about my brother's graduation earlier, but I was so tired from not sleeping well and traveling. I never sleep good when I am not in my own bed. Of course, I was in my own bed last night and still didn’t sleep well since I kept smelling cigarette smoke... that should be over very soon though. It will be nice to sleep through a whole night without waking up from the smells. (Read on for more.)
Back to my story...
Thursday night I drove home and Matt offered to take me out to eat at Hananoki - Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you.
Whoo Hoo!
I haven't been there since my college graduation which was 3 years ago. So this was a nice surprise - I am loving him having a fulltime job with a steady income!
(We had been going to a different restaurant like this in the big city since I was a ble to buy $50 worth of gift cards for $30.)
We decided to invite my parents and they picked up the tab even though we insisted they didn’t.

Thank you guys once again though! Hope you don't think we only invited you both to pay the bill.


I doubt you think this since I kept telling you all to hurry since I was starving!
It was yummy as usual.

Friday, we drove to pick up my grandparents and then went on to my brother's graduation. My mom and grandma packed a nice lunch of sandwiches, fruit, and bottled sodas. We ate it in the car and then went in to find seats. We ran into him once we got in the building which was kinda "small world" feeling. I didn’t get to say "hi" due to my bladder.
The graduation wasn't long at all - I was thankful for this. I brought a book anticipating my boredom. Before it started I tried to read and there was too much noise for me to concentrate. I wont waste space in my purse with a book next time. I should have brought my Ipod - LESSON LEARNED!
Met my brother's girlfriend and friend - both seemed very nice. Very easy to like them both.
My parents took us to dinner at PF Changs... YUMMY!

Good choice!

I then spent the night at my grandparent's house. I think I went to bed around 8 or 9 PM. I was extremely tired. When I woke I saw my grandfather outside doing yard work and we went on a walk around the neighborhood. I had a very nice time with him. For 75 years old, he sure can walk fast! I had to struggle a few times while going uphill to keep pace with him. According to him, we walked about a mile and a half.
Now if I could just do that every single day!
Me and Wyatt would be in GREAT shape!

We had a nice lunch of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and salad.
Best tasting food my grandmother has ever made! I truly mean that!
Keep the recipe grandma!
You should have heard my grandpa raving about how good the food tasted. He loved it!
When they come visit me I will have to make him my meatloaf. I do it a bit different.

We left to go back to my mom's house about mid-day. G grilled hotdogs for all of us for dinner - per my suggestion. I don't care how they are made; they are so tasty on the grill. On nice days I wish I had a grill to make hotdogs and other things. I love the taste of grilled meats... especially if on a charcoal grill!

Sunday I drove back home. It rained the ENTIRE way! I hate driving in the rain. It makes me nervous, "spit" from people's tires hits the window, and people start to drive slower than usual.
It is a pain in the you know what!
Eventually, I made it home exhausted.
I decided to take a warm bath and read my book. This relaxed me some, but made me even more sleepy. I watched some TV and cooked some spaghetti to keep me awake. I think I got in bed around 8:30 - 9 PM. I kept waking up and having to spray my deodorizer which really only covers the smell for like 15 minutes. It works great in the bathroom since after 15 minutes the smell is gone - not so good for cigarette smoke when it keeps coming and coming.
This leads me to what my apartment manager said on the phone when I called this morning in regards to her voicemail she left me on Friday.
Friday she told the owner of the apartments what has been going on where I live.
(Why on Earth hasn't she said anything sooner??? Reason #1 I am mad.)
She says he had the maintenance guy go up into the attic to check on the air vents from the bathrooms and laundry room and sure enough, the vents from the apartment below are going into my apartment and not outside like they are suppose to do.
(Well duh!!! I could have told her this! Why didn't they check this sooner??? - I have been complaining for 6 months. Reason #2 I am mad.)

So today (supposedly) the maintenance guy is going to fix this issue. (Ya, we will see.) She suggested I keep my windows open for a few days to help air it out. If I had somewhere to take Wyatt I would demand they put the ionizer in my apartment again to remove the smell.
The handicapped apartment will be held through Thursday for me if this does not fix the problem. (She knew I was out town Friday; why didn't they fix the issue then? Reason #3 I am mad.)
This better solve my issue. I am beyond upset at this point. I don't want to move, but I have been gearing up for it the last few weeks - I have even started packing as you already know.

Now I am home and can see the dust mess the maintenance guy left in my bathroom. I assume Wyatt was scare because he pooped in the house – first time since I first moved here. Fingers crossed this works to remove the smell.

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