Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good BBQ Day

I should have blogged about my day yesterday, but since I didn't I will tell you about today.
WARNING: This might be boring to you, but it's an average day in my life.

This morning I woke and relaxed watching TV with my mom and the dogs (G was still sleeping). Since I was hungry, we decided to go buy some doughnuts for me, cinnamon buns for G, and "breakfast sandwiches" for mom.
I swear I am going to eat better starting tomorrow! I DO realize I say this every week, but I really DO mean it this time. I can do this!
After breakfast, we relaxed some more. Mom caught up on her DVR(ed) shows - I wish I had this feature. I can see how it comes in handy. Maybe I will get it one of these days.

I sold mom's old wood and glass coffee table from the basement family room for $20 on our local online classifieds.
And to think, she was just going to donate it.
I KNEW we could get a little money out of it.
One man's junk is another man's treasure!
It's a bit of a funny story, with a happy ending - the very first guy to email me and then talk to me on the phone - didn't want the table at first because he thought it would be too large - yet he was the one to buy it. (6 emails and 3 phone calls later from other people.) One guy wanted us to hold it until Monday - I didn't want to do this in fear he would not purchase it. I wanted it gone!
The guy and his wife who did buy it seemed to think it was perfect once they saw it. Even G thought they seemed very happy with there purchase. I hope they are.

Mom decided to cook a very good meal for us and Matt.
She went all out!
They even took out the charcoal grill -even used wood chips for extra flavor. See how Greg got it all going?
It smelt delicious!
I brought Wyatt outside at one point - he was so scared of the smoke! Poor guy! I would have LOVED to stand within smelling distance of the grill all afternoon. I even wanted to open my car windows to get the smell inside my car. I didnit do it though - I was afraid the smoke would make the inside of my car dirty.

So G grilled burgers...
While my mom made fruit salad (before the topping)
Onion rings (Which Wyatt still smells like!)
And potato salad
(Not pictured - not sure how I forgot to take a picture of this)

Very good meal!
All made from scratch with loving hands!
Took mom 2 or more hours to prepare and make - we ate it in about 20 minutes.
I guess we all need to learn how to eat slower.
At least, I do.

Matt and I went out to look for a new camera for me. You know, since I washed the one he had bought me for Christmas. I wanted another Fuji camera since my last 2 digital cameras were great. My grandma worked for the company for YEARS so we know it is a good, reliable brand. Plus, I already know the menu since they are all pretty much the same. (I think we have always bought Fuji cameras - We (at least me) and brand loyal.
However, the 2 Fuji cameras I did see - I didn't like.
Right now I am leaning towards a Sony camera ($200). I also liked the Nikon ($400) camera, but think it might be too much for me. I think I still want a slim camera - not a big professional looking one. I do want one of these Nikon camera with added lens eventually, just not at the moment - I think.
I need to think this over for awhile.
I need to see all the facts and read the reviews.
I never can make a quick impulse purchase - not a big one at least. This is why I have missed out on some good deals in the past. Everywhere had the same price on these, so no worries this time.

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