Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cutest Faces... And A Cool (Old) Truck

How on Earth can you resist this cute face?
He was just staring at me from the hallway so I had to go get my camera from my purse and snap a few shots of him.
He looks as happy as can be, right?
I think he does!
As I zoom out, notice his paws...
He is adorable!
Toby always seems to cross his paws for one reason or another.
Such a photogenic dog!

Unlike my dog...
Who only seems to case about sleeping...
On the couch....
Always with his legs kicked out like he is "Super Dog".
A few minutes and pictures later, still sleeping...
But then woke when he realized big flashes of light where coming in his direction.
He seems mad doesn't he?
As if saying to me - "How dare you wake me!"
He's shooting me "the evil glare".
Too cute to make me mad of course.
This makes me want to rub him.
Now he's fully alert.
Toby joins Wyatt next to the couch since he does not want to miss out on all the fun.
Like I said, he loves having his picture taken... not camera shy at all.
Wyatt on the other hand, goes right back to sleep after I take a few more pictures. All of which, he does not move an inch. Toby moves his head, but Wyatt remains in the exact spot.

Moving on to my next topic....
Check out this rad truck!
I'm not much of a car buff, but even I know this truck is SEXY!
The owner of this should be very proud.
I almost asked Matt to take my picture next to it.
I decided not to since the owner would probably not appreciate me next to there vehicle.


  1. OMG...My x-hole had a SEXY truck similar to this when I met him (have to admit it was a LOT of the was a '56 Ford F-100...VERY sexy...Shoulda dumped him when he sold the

    Take care,