Thursday, May 6, 2010


I used to get online every single day after work.

Now I get on almost every day… except for not as long. I guess that’s what happens when you stare at a computer monitor all day while at work. I have had the same job for over two years which makes me wonder why this is just now happening to me. It could be because my workload is nonstop and I do not get up and away from the computer as often as I should.
When I do get online, I have a ‘system’. I look at the same sites, in the same order every time. Occasionally, I will look at something new, but it is always at the end of my list.
I always check ALL my email accounts for new mail, followed by Facebook, my two Twilight blogs I like to read, and then all my other favorite blogs.
I always check my blog last….

Saving the best for last!

I first always go through all the blogs on my blog roll to see if there are any good deals. I love reading about people who get free or close to free items.
Next, I look at my views.
Then I check to see if anyone left me any comments… this is not often.

Hint, hint, hint mom!


This weekend I plan on doing absolutely NOTHING!
I own a few movies I have yet to watch and and have been wanting to watch so I think I might finally get around to doing that. Maybe my goal can be to have a no money spent weekend!
I can’t even imagine!

Ha ha ha!

I always end up spending money. I went to Kroger today so I am pretty sure I can go without spending any money on Friday and Saturday… unless I see a blog posting of a deal too good to pass. Sunday will be a different story. If there are good coupons I will want to buy more newspapers. Then if there are good sales in the ads I will probably go buy the items before the stores around me run out of them.
You see, no plans ever go accordingly.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Maybe I will get some packing done too. I would like to get some done so I don’t have to rush when the time comes closer.
I was hoping my apartment manager would have called me by now to come and look at the handicap apartment they have available. I walk by the building daily. I never see anyone outside smoking, but that means nothing because no one in my building is ever outside smoking – with the exception of one person’s son, everyone seems to smoke inside their home. I do not want to have the same problem I have now.

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  1. bought a new grill today, our third, this time with charcoal. Yummy!