Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Any Advice? Must Give Tonight!

What a dilemma!

It’s days like today I wish I could pack all my belongings, move home, find a good job, and buy a house and live happily ever after!
Unfortunately, that is not life.
At least, not for the people who are not rich and/or famous.


So here’s the story of what happened and then I will discuss my dilemma.

Once upon a time…

In a faraway place…

(Oops wrong story!)

Last week you know my apartment complex “fixed” the issue of the smoke coming into my home. While it is less noticeable, I still smelt it over the weekend. I called the apartment manager and told her I was still smelling smoke and I wanted to move. She told me they wanted to try the ozone machine first to see if I could still smell the smoke after it was all removed. The catch was Wyatt had to be out of the house for the full ten hours when they were doing this so mom met me in Bowling Green to pick him up and take him to her house. (Thanks again!) It was 97 miles to Bowling Green and then another 97 miles back. It was nice to see my mom, but not so nice spending the money when I didn’t really need to (since the smoke is still coming in). I miss my little baby boy.

Funny note:
Last night I asked my mom if Wyatt was excited to see Toby. Here’s her response (In my own words how I remember them):
Me: “Was Wyatt excited to see Toby?”
Mom: “Funny story…. I opened the front door and Toby was all excited to see me. Meanwhile, Wyatt walks in the house and goes past Toby into the kitchen. Toby was so happy to see me, that is took him about 40 seconds to even know the little one was in the house.”

Ha ha ha!

Sounds just like our dogs! I can fully picture this scene in my head!

Back to my dilemma…

Tuesday I left the house a little early - 6:30AM - to allow the maintenance guy time to put the ozone machine in my home. I was not permitted to return back to the house until 6:30 PM. On the plus side, I did two hours of overtime to help pay the bills. I hope it admits to a decent amount!


When I arrived home I faintly smelt smoke. I ate, watched TV then went to get the mail. When I came back inside I did not think I smelled the odor. An hour or so later I went to Kroger and when I entered the house I really smelled it again. I went out to water my tomato plant and smelled the smoke once again when I went back into the house.
This morning after taking the trash out, I still smelled it.

Here’s the problem…
I want to move to get away from the smoke smell. I hate breathing it in. I hate that I smell, my clothes smell, my car smells, even Wyatt smells!
I do not want to continue breathing it in for health concerns either.
But I hate to move since I am already settled. It will be a pain to pack and then it will be close to $300 to pay for a moving truck and for people to move me. (Well worth it though.) It would also be a pain to switch my mail and utilities.
I am running out of time to make my decision.

Any advice???

The apartment manager called me this morning and left a voicemail message, but I do not want to tell her anything until tomorrow. I need more time to think about this. Luckily, I had a doctor appointment after work. If she looked, she would see I did not get home until after 7 PM (she gets off at 5PM).

I'm leaning towards just staying here.....

AHHHHHH!!! I don't know!

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