Monday, May 31, 2010

Jones Soda - Twilight Edition

Happy Memorial Day!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Remember why this day exists!

So I was checking out all the blogs and websites I check daily - look what I stumbled on from HERE...
Jones Soda – Twilight Edition!
How awesome is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

If I see these, I will have to buy one or two bottles. Of course, I will drink it – might keep the bottle. I know my mom and Matt are probably thinking I WILL for sure keep them.
We will see.
I doubt it though.
I would like to be able to remove the label and keep that though.
Who knows, I might never see them for sale. I need to go to The World Market - they always sell single bottles of Jones Soda. Matt and I have been buying these for years as a treat (lots of sugars in each bottle). I remember before our big city got The World Market I would buy like 10 at a time whenever I went to Knoxville. Louisville has The World Market too so if they sell them, I should have no problem finding them.

Each holiday, Target sells Jones bottled soda in wacky flavors which we always have to try. (They always sell canned Jones soda.)  

If you have never tasted Jones soda, you should try them. They are yummy.
One day I would love to go to Washington and take a tour of the Jones Soda factory. I bet it would be neat to see how they are made and packaged.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cutest Faces... And A Cool (Old) Truck

How on Earth can you resist this cute face?
He was just staring at me from the hallway so I had to go get my camera from my purse and snap a few shots of him.
He looks as happy as can be, right?
I think he does!
As I zoom out, notice his paws...
He is adorable!
Toby always seems to cross his paws for one reason or another.
Such a photogenic dog!

Unlike my dog...
Who only seems to case about sleeping...
On the couch....
Always with his legs kicked out like he is "Super Dog".
A few minutes and pictures later, still sleeping...
But then woke when he realized big flashes of light where coming in his direction.
He seems mad doesn't he?
As if saying to me - "How dare you wake me!"
He's shooting me "the evil glare".
Too cute to make me mad of course.
This makes me want to rub him.
Now he's fully alert.
Toby joins Wyatt next to the couch since he does not want to miss out on all the fun.
Like I said, he loves having his picture taken... not camera shy at all.
Wyatt on the other hand, goes right back to sleep after I take a few more pictures. All of which, he does not move an inch. Toby moves his head, but Wyatt remains in the exact spot.

Moving on to my next topic....
Check out this rad truck!
I'm not much of a car buff, but even I know this truck is SEXY!
The owner of this should be very proud.
I almost asked Matt to take my picture next to it.
I decided not to since the owner would probably not appreciate me next to there vehicle.

Good BBQ Day

I should have blogged about my day yesterday, but since I didn't I will tell you about today.
WARNING: This might be boring to you, but it's an average day in my life.

This morning I woke and relaxed watching TV with my mom and the dogs (G was still sleeping). Since I was hungry, we decided to go buy some doughnuts for me, cinnamon buns for G, and "breakfast sandwiches" for mom.
I swear I am going to eat better starting tomorrow! I DO realize I say this every week, but I really DO mean it this time. I can do this!
After breakfast, we relaxed some more. Mom caught up on her DVR(ed) shows - I wish I had this feature. I can see how it comes in handy. Maybe I will get it one of these days.

I sold mom's old wood and glass coffee table from the basement family room for $20 on our local online classifieds.
And to think, she was just going to donate it.
I KNEW we could get a little money out of it.
One man's junk is another man's treasure!
It's a bit of a funny story, with a happy ending - the very first guy to email me and then talk to me on the phone - didn't want the table at first because he thought it would be too large - yet he was the one to buy it. (6 emails and 3 phone calls later from other people.) One guy wanted us to hold it until Monday - I didn't want to do this in fear he would not purchase it. I wanted it gone!
The guy and his wife who did buy it seemed to think it was perfect once they saw it. Even G thought they seemed very happy with there purchase. I hope they are.

Mom decided to cook a very good meal for us and Matt.
She went all out!
They even took out the charcoal grill -even used wood chips for extra flavor. See how Greg got it all going?
It smelt delicious!
I brought Wyatt outside at one point - he was so scared of the smoke! Poor guy! I would have LOVED to stand within smelling distance of the grill all afternoon. I even wanted to open my car windows to get the smell inside my car. I didnit do it though - I was afraid the smoke would make the inside of my car dirty.

So G grilled burgers...
While my mom made fruit salad (before the topping)
Onion rings (Which Wyatt still smells like!)
And potato salad
(Not pictured - not sure how I forgot to take a picture of this)

Very good meal!
All made from scratch with loving hands!
Took mom 2 or more hours to prepare and make - we ate it in about 20 minutes.
I guess we all need to learn how to eat slower.
At least, I do.

Matt and I went out to look for a new camera for me. You know, since I washed the one he had bought me for Christmas. I wanted another Fuji camera since my last 2 digital cameras were great. My grandma worked for the company for YEARS so we know it is a good, reliable brand. Plus, I already know the menu since they are all pretty much the same. (I think we have always bought Fuji cameras - We (at least me) and brand loyal.
However, the 2 Fuji cameras I did see - I didn't like.
Right now I am leaning towards a Sony camera ($200). I also liked the Nikon ($400) camera, but think it might be too much for me. I think I still want a slim camera - not a big professional looking one. I do want one of these Nikon camera with added lens eventually, just not at the moment - I think.
I need to think this over for awhile.
I need to see all the facts and read the reviews.
I never can make a quick impulse purchase - not a big one at least. This is why I have missed out on some good deals in the past. Everywhere had the same price on these, so no worries this time.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Korean Goodies

Matt’s mom and sister are back from Korea. I wouldn't mind going there one day if the opportunity rose. I don't think I would want to go there for three weeks though. I get home sick WAY to easy. I am a homebody and a week is long enough. Sometimes, it is too long. I enjoying being in MY bed, with MY dog, watching MY TV, and looking out MY window.

Look at the wonderful goodies they brought me home…
I like the mix of random items.
Along with lots and lots of candy!
(I'm not so good at displaying items. This was the best I could come up with. You can click the picture to enlarge it to get a closer view.)

Some of my favorite items include this cute fan.
I love the colors and I enjoy the butterflies. For those of you who don't know, I have always liked butterflies. My very first email address was even "Im_a_butterfly" which just goes to show you how much I liked them. Of course, this was also the same year I was obsessed with Mariah Carey's Butterfly cd so it might of had something to do with this as well since if I am remembering correctly, and I'm pretty sure I am, I had just gotten that cd for Christmas that year. One of my favorite songs at the time was "Butterfly".
I think this bag will be cute in my nightstand holding whatever crap items I have in my first drawer.
These will look darling on my Christmas tree.
These are THE BEST candies ever!
Especially the grape ones! I love all things grape! (Actually, I love most things purple!)
These are even better then the candy we always buy at The World Market which are very similar. Just something about them makes me want to keep eating them. (In fact, I have already ate 3 full packs - I can't stop!)
I LOVE chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Have you ever had them? Mom and I had sampled them a few years back and I had always remembered how good they were. Well, after Christmas two years ago, Border's had them half off and I had bought like four packs of them. This was when I was doing good on Weight Watchers and had portioned them out to the nine servings they were suppose to be. I did really good at only eating one portion at a time. However, I love that these ones are already portioned for me. They would have been perfect back then.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Stay Or Not To Stay...

Thanks to all of you - mom, G, my bro, Matt, Maggie, and Patti - who gave me words of wisdom on yesterday's dilemma.

I decided to stay in my current apartment.
To those of you who have usually listened to me go on and on (the people I listed above), I will not complain again.
I promise.
No matter how this place smells, I will not say a word.

I made the decision to stay because I know I can tolerate the smell a little longer – I have already done this for 6 and a half months. Plus, it is not AS strong as before.

I would rather save my money. My lease is up in November - 5 months away if I want to leave. I would like to buy a house if I enjoy my job at the end of the year. I spoke with both mom and G who suggested I should start looking now. Maybe I will. It would be fun to go look at homes. I am going to be one of those anal people who critique everything. I can see it now....

I do know there are certain things I will not bend on.
No matter what, I want 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. (Mostly for re-sale purposes.)
I want a flat, non-large yard.
I want a modern kitchen.
Central air is a must.
Must have washer and dryer hookup (maybe all places do…)

I would prefer to have a garage, but I suppose I could live without it.
Flooring and wall colors are not important - those can be changed.
Light fixtures and ceiling fans can be added or changed.

Lots to think about…

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$10 Tucani Tuesdays

I am mostly posting this to show my brother...
On Tuesdays, for $10, you can get this (not eaten though) and 5 breadsticks.
I felt it was a good value for what I got.

Kinder Eggs!

If you ever lived...
(No scratch that!)
If you have ever been to Germany, you should know what a Kinder egg is - well you should if you went there as a child or you have children. Do you know what it is?

It is the number one thing I remember about living in Germany... and we lived there over 3 years when I was a child! They are these neat chocolate, hollow eggs with a plastic yellow egg with a toy inside it.
I ALWAYS talk about these!
I have yet to see them in the United States.

Well, when my friend Sam, from work, told me he was going to Germany to visit his family I asked him to buy me one. He brought me home a 3-pack...
Even better!
Beginning look at egg...

Fully opened egg...

This is the second one I ate!
So yummy!
I fear all three will be gone before the end of the evening.

Check out the 2 toys I got:
What's crazy is below:

It's in English! But the rest is in German! Weird huh?
These must be made here in the United States!
If so, they should sell these toys in chocolate, hollow eggs with a blue plastic egg inside.
I should patent that idea!
Although, I do remember there being more pieces to put together and stickers needing to be applied.

I love these!

Any Advice? Must Give Tonight!

What a dilemma!

It’s days like today I wish I could pack all my belongings, move home, find a good job, and buy a house and live happily ever after!
Unfortunately, that is not life.
At least, not for the people who are not rich and/or famous.


So here’s the story of what happened and then I will discuss my dilemma.

Once upon a time…

In a faraway place…

(Oops wrong story!)

Last week you know my apartment complex “fixed” the issue of the smoke coming into my home. While it is less noticeable, I still smelt it over the weekend. I called the apartment manager and told her I was still smelling smoke and I wanted to move. She told me they wanted to try the ozone machine first to see if I could still smell the smoke after it was all removed. The catch was Wyatt had to be out of the house for the full ten hours when they were doing this so mom met me in Bowling Green to pick him up and take him to her house. (Thanks again!) It was 97 miles to Bowling Green and then another 97 miles back. It was nice to see my mom, but not so nice spending the money when I didn’t really need to (since the smoke is still coming in). I miss my little baby boy.

Funny note:
Last night I asked my mom if Wyatt was excited to see Toby. Here’s her response (In my own words how I remember them):
Me: “Was Wyatt excited to see Toby?”
Mom: “Funny story…. I opened the front door and Toby was all excited to see me. Meanwhile, Wyatt walks in the house and goes past Toby into the kitchen. Toby was so happy to see me, that is took him about 40 seconds to even know the little one was in the house.”

Ha ha ha!

Sounds just like our dogs! I can fully picture this scene in my head!

Back to my dilemma…

Tuesday I left the house a little early - 6:30AM - to allow the maintenance guy time to put the ozone machine in my home. I was not permitted to return back to the house until 6:30 PM. On the plus side, I did two hours of overtime to help pay the bills. I hope it admits to a decent amount!


When I arrived home I faintly smelt smoke. I ate, watched TV then went to get the mail. When I came back inside I did not think I smelled the odor. An hour or so later I went to Kroger and when I entered the house I really smelled it again. I went out to water my tomato plant and smelled the smoke once again when I went back into the house.
This morning after taking the trash out, I still smelled it.

Here’s the problem…
I want to move to get away from the smoke smell. I hate breathing it in. I hate that I smell, my clothes smell, my car smells, even Wyatt smells!
I do not want to continue breathing it in for health concerns either.
But I hate to move since I am already settled. It will be a pain to pack and then it will be close to $300 to pay for a moving truck and for people to move me. (Well worth it though.) It would also be a pain to switch my mail and utilities.
I am running out of time to make my decision.

Any advice???

The apartment manager called me this morning and left a voicemail message, but I do not want to tell her anything until tomorrow. I need more time to think about this. Luckily, I had a doctor appointment after work. If she looked, she would see I did not get home until after 7 PM (she gets off at 5PM).

I'm leaning towards just staying here.....

AHHHHHH!!! I don't know!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jim Beam Distillery

I love weekends!

My favorite time of the week!
I’m sure almost everyone would respond the same way when asked about there favorite day(s) of week.

Friday after work I came home and took a very relaxing nap and bath in preparation for a fun-filled weekend with Matt. Due to work and other life obstacles, he did not get here until about 10 PM so we really just sat around the living room and chatted while watching TV. This is the norm for us. I like sitting around and doing nothing.


As usual, he brought me small gifts…
Coupon inserts from last week’s newspaper and Haribo gummy bears bought in Korea made in Germany. (His family went to Korea).
These taste WAY better then the Haribo gummy bears you buy here in the United States. They have better flavors and a little bit different texture. So good! And surprise, surprise – I did not eat them all in one sitting. I still have some left. Although now that I am writing about them, they seem to be calling my name. I will probably eat all or most of the bag tonight. He he he!

Saturday we went to the Jim Beam Distillery here in KY.
Compared to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery tour, this was a bit disappointing. We got there about 20 minutes to noon, showed our ids (to show we are over 21) and got wrist bands for the next tour which started at noon. We went outside, took a few pictures, and looked around the gift shop before the tour started.
The tour consisted of going to the building a few (about 30) feet away and looking at pictures in one room. Next we went to a second room and watched a short film on the history on the bourbon and how it is made. We then walked around the back of the gift shop and went in through the back doors. We got to sample two Jim Beam bourbons – Booker’s and Red Stag. Both smelt VERY strong and have high proofs. I sipped both to say I have tried them. I did not like either one.
Not at all!
Both were EXTREMLY strong tasting to me.
Not the best tour in the World, but worth seeing.
We were going to head onto Maker’s Mark Distillery, but it was too hot to be outside.

(I love all tours! Ever watch the show “Unwrapped”? It is one of my favorite non comedy shows. I find it very interesting how things are made.)

We just decided to shop and rent some movies.
We rented The Blind Side and Bad Lieutenant.

I absolutely fell in love with The Blind Side!
Such a great movie!
This is a must see! Very touching!
The Bad Lieutenant had no point – no story. At first we kept watching it thinking it would get better. Then we kept watching it because we felt we had invested so much time into the movie. And when I say “we”, I mean me.
Do not waste your time renting this one. Nicolas Cage was the main character in this movie – he usually picks good movies to be in. I was disappointed with his choice on this one.

Sunday Matt and I did more shopping. We went to the furniture warehouse here that advertised up to 80% this weekend only – opens once a year to the public... or so they say. They seemed to have some good deals, but I am only looking for a new couch. They did not seem to have many couches. Maybe they did initially – we may have been too late. I will definitely go to this sale again next year. I will be more prepared next year if I am wanting furniture.

Note to self, applied Wyatt’s Advantage today…. Remember to apply next dose on the 23rd.