Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Don't Say?!?!?!

I love making money… especially easy money!

I have sold 2 items online already today!
Hoping to sell at least 2 more before the day is over. That's my goal!
I am up $25 from selling items I no longer have a need for. I enjoy making money this way. Whatever doesn't sell, I usually bring to Goodwill, but now I only have DVDs and Wii games left. Nothing good, trust me. 

I am loving how pretty it is outside and that I am able to drive with the windows rolled down. Wyatt's kind of day! He loves the windows down so he can stick his whole upper body at the window and enjoy the cool fresh air. I wish all days were like today. I think it is about 65 degrees - sun is out and a nice breeze is even blowing.
I drove around this morning for garage sales, but I only came across 2 - neither one seemed promising. Guess it is just too nice of a day to sit around trying to sell stuff.
Not for me though – not online at least.
Matt and I plan on going to Nashville to shop, eat and have some fun. I was thinking mini golf, he is thinking a game room. Guess we will see who comes out the winner on choosing what we do.

Best news of all…

I tried to turn my washed camera on – it didn’t turn on.
So I thought to myself, “Hmmm… maybe it just needs to be charged.”
I placed it on the charger to see if the light would come on.
It didn’t.
Then, for whatever reason I decided to turn it on while still on the charger.
And guess what?
It actually turned on!
The picture quality is also back to normal!
How awesome!
So now I am thinking it needs a new battery.
Matt is going to order me one online from eBay.
It should be here be next weekend. Fingers crossed that it works!
I will be ecstatic if it does!
This will save me/Matt money! Plus, I will no longer feel guilty for ruining it!

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