Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Is worm free!
That’s right – after 3 months, my dog has no worms!

Thank goodness!

Wyatt and I went on a nice walk after we went to the vet. He was sure glad to be out of there.
They didn’t even touch him!
I brought in his fresh poop to be tested and they gave me more pills for him and that was all.
He is just my big baby.
But that is okay, he takes after his mom!

This is the view from inside my apartment, but you can imagine how big it looked when I pulled into the parking lot after I got off work.
What an eyesore!
I could see it when i first pulled into the neighborhood!
Why did my new neighbor have to get a gigantic satellite dish and why did they have to block my view? It is A LOT larger then all the other ones I see.
They could have used the other side of the balcony and I would not have cared one bit. I am not going to let this bother me though. Now, I will not feel guilty when I water my plant and it drips onto there porch.
Take that!

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