Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Smell of Clean Clothes

Friday I worked and worked and worked.

Or so it seemed.
I actually got off at the same time as usual. It just seemed like such a long day since my nerves were on the edge. (Very stressful day – I’ll probably have a panic attack if I have another day like this.)

After work I needed to go to Sullivan’s bakery to pick up my order. I forgot to take a picture….. I am sure I will order more in the near future. I seem to go there at least once a week as it is. So much for dieting! Poor excuse I know.
Back to my story….
So my Garmin – Carmen or Reba (long story) – told me it would take 40 minutes. So I figured I would go the way it wanted me to even though I KNEW it was the long way. I should always follow my instinct! It took me one hour and 10 minutes! Terrible traffic and red lights every ten feet! I will NEVER go that way again! I don’t care what Carmen/Reba says! Of course, I said this same line last time I went this way to go to the doctor.
Thank goodness I got home in 20 minutes!
I wish work was closer to the good stuff.
Not really a deal breaker though.

While at the bakery the lady ringing me up asked if I was affiliated with the school. I said no, that I really just enjoy the food and service when I come. I’m sure she wondered why I was buying $35 worth of bakery items. Maybe she has seen me before. Who knows.
I was honest with her… they DO have good food and service.
I highly recommend them to everyone.

After I arrived home I finished cleaning in preparation of my mom and G and Matt arriving.
Mom and G were delivering my new washer and dryer.
These are the first 3 loads all nice and clean.
I'm sure Wyatt will enjoy good smelling beds!
The washer and dryer are awesome!
I have already washed and dried like 5 loads…. at least.
Works perfect.
Not loud at all. We were in the living room watching movies and you could barely hear it.
Matt even angleed it just right so the doors could stay on and allow the dryer to open up freely. G was a bit worried this would not be able to happen since the dryer door swung down.
Thank you Mom and G for buying these for me!
Thank you G and Matt for bringing them upstairs and installing them for me!


  1. You are welcome! We were happy to give these to you both because we remember having to go out to wash clothes and so we can have our washer/dryer back every weekend! Remind me to get you the receipt - G found it in his pocket. Have a great day!

  2. Oops... I forgot to ask for the receipt. :(